Discover Taylor’sphere™, our well-balanced ecosystem & community that nurtures your intellect, creativity, and practical wisdom to graduate in demand. ​Immerse yourself with people who bring out your best – experienced lecturers, industry partners, alumni, and more. 

Infinite aspirations. One community that makes it happen. ​




You’re about to go on a virtual tour of Taylor’sphere to see what our well-balanced learning ecosystem and community is all about, using the power of augmented reality. You can also dive deeper into Taylor’sphere components such as Taylor’s Curriculum Framework and work-based learning, which will supercharge your skills and help you graduate in demand.

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Sharpen thinking skills with well-designed programmes, award-winning e-learning and industry engagements.


Hone a wide range of essential skill sets with hands-on experiences in classrooms, laboratories and studios.


Nurture emotional intelligence with the First-Year Learning & Mentoring programme, societies and CSR projects.


Taylor's Makerspace

Taylor’s Makerspace is a collaborative learning hub for everyone to consolidate and cultivate collective impact through value-based innovation.

Life Skills

Life Skills set the stage for students to start right and to be equipped with personal and social competencies in order for them to thrive in a volatile world.

Taylor's Curriculum Framework

Taylor’s is taking action to future-proof graduates to be ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by introducing the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework (TCF).


Bizpod is the startup incubator for Taylor's University. Bizpod focuses on helping students from the ideation stage to successfully establishing startups.

Research & Enterprise

In our 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, Research & Enterprise is an important pillar that supports our ambitions of achieving a university having 'Balanced Excellence'


What is the Taylor’sphere™?

Much like a greenhouse that creates an optimal atmosphere for plants to grow, the Taylor’sphere™ is a learning ecosystem and community that nurtures your intellectual, mental, and emotional growth. 

What happens in the Taylor’sphere™?

You can sharpen your intellect through mix-and-match modules and a work-based learning curriculum, Taylor’s Curriculum Framework.

You’ll also build practical wisdom with Life Skills modules, and nurture creativity and entrepreneurship skills through Taylor’s Me.reka MakerspaceBizpod, and Research & Enterprise

Who is part of this ecosystem and community?

Our staff, industry partners, and alumni, who are all committed to supporting you and your fellow students.

How’s it different from what other education institutions offer?

More than just academic knowledge, when you join one of Taylor’s programmes;you gain real-life work experience, emotional intelligence, and the ability to create and innovate.

Our university is also the country’s first to incorporate Social Innovation and entrepreneurship modules into all our degrees.  

How does it benefit me?

You graduate with well-balanced qualities and industry exposure, which amplify your value in the industry and eyes of potential employers. You’re also well-equipped to bring positive transformation to the society in any way you choose.

Where can I learn more about Taylor’sphere™ or how it applies to my programme?

You can get in touch with our counsellors via Live Chat (the little red chat bubble at the bottom right) or the Enquire Now form!