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Taylor’s Makerspace advocate students, academics and industry practitioners from all disciplines to embrace the Maker’s Mindset through the practice of collaborative problem-solving of real-world challenges. Here, we re-imagine what it means to design and craft.


Regardless of background, expertise, experience or capability – we believe anyone and everyone is able to participate in what we do. We champion the sense of agency to make collective changes that enables everyone to do better and craft practical solutions for the communities. If you are ready to learn and take risks or just feel like delving deep into something completely out of the box, we welcome you.


Journey with us to discover your talents through design and crafting, here at Taylor’s Makerspace!




Taylor’s Makerspace provides consultancy services for conceptual design strategies and functionality assessments of technological and mechanical feasibility. The Makerspace experts provide support for material analysis, mechanical and electrical components selection to fit the requirements of each consulted project. The experts offer project management support to define the project’s scale and duration. The Makerspace welcomes all students’ final year projects, multidisciplinary collaboration projects, Social Innovation Project proposals and Taylor’s Impact Lab projects.


Visual And Function Prototyping Coaching

Visual And Function Prototyping Coaching

Taylor’s Makerspace experts are experienced industry practitioners and they are ever-ready to support any projects’ prototyping needs such as testing of design solutions and proof of concept functionality tests. Book your consultation slot with the experts today!


Production Supervision

Production Supervision

When projects reach a maturity level after the prototyping stage, the Makerspace experts would provide production technology analysis to fit the project’s manufacturing technological requirements. Technical documentation support with reliable contractors and suppliers will also be recommended.


3 lecturers in charge of taylors makerspace

Taylor’s Makerspace is a multidisciplinary collaborative platform that facilitates student collaborations from all disciplines in solving real-world problems.


Students working as multidisciplinary groups with external stakeholders such as industry organizations, municipals, non-profit organizations or government agencies would be guided and supported by the Makerspace experts throughout their project development journey.


Let’s create impact for change by joining the Impact4Change movement!


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Taylor's Makerspace,
G-10, SYOPZ Mall,
1, Jalan Taylors,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor



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Our place is available from

9.00am – 6.00pm (Monday – Friday)