It's Okay If You Don't Have Your Life Figured Out

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06 Aug 2021

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Josephine Serena (Editor)


Thinking about the future can be daunting, but we're here to tell you it's normal and don't fret!  

How many times have you stared blankly into space, thinking hard about what the future holds for you but nothing fruitful comes out of it? Are your peers also discussing their future pathways which makes you even more nervous? And don’t get us started with your parents’ constant nag...


Okay, let’s push ‘em thoughts aside and focus on what’s important now! We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone and that it’s totally fine to not have your life figured out yet! It isn’t really your fault since your life has pretty much always been predetermined most of your life till you’re 18 and BAM you’re expected to know what you want in life? If only it was as simple as picking lunch...oh wait… that’s not simple either...


The good news is… there are things you can and shouldn’t do to help ease your decision making in life!

#1 What can you do about it?

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A. Explore all of your options


And by this, we don’t just mean academic wise post-high school. After stressing out for SPM or O-Levels, you may want to take some time off to catch a breather — and that’s totally understandable. Instead of applying for a college programme right away, why not consider applying for an internship or even a part-time job? Doing some real-life work can definitely help open your mind a little which could potentially help you be more apt in college when you decide to continue studying!


If you’d like to explore more options on what to do after SPM, feel free to have a chat with our education counsellors here!


B. Be realistic about your options


If you’re thinking about furthering your studies, you might want to think about a few key areas such as location and money. Where is the campus located? Do you have to travel far? Are you willing to travel far (when the pandemic is over) to the campus? And if it’s outstation, would you be comfortable living apart from your family? Homesickness is no joke...


Speaking of living far from your family, do you have the means to pay for the expenses over the course of X years? But most importantly, would your family be able to financially support your programme fees? Of course, you may apply for various scholarships to help fund your education too. This could also help you determine the programme and institution — by choosing scholarships that you’re eligible for.


C. Don’t be afraid to ask


One thing about life, it’s to never shoulder your burdens alone. If you’re unsure about what to do next, talk it out with your family members and let them know your concerns… if you can’t go to them, you can always talk to your friends, especially your high school seniors who may be pursuing a programme that interests you. Your teachers and school counsellors can also give you great insights too!


If all else fails… you can always talk to experienced advisors available at your local institutions to get a clear view and a mindmap of your potential pathways. And if you do make an appointment with the advisors, remember to prepare your questions ahead of time!

#2 What should you avoid doing?

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A. Overthink your dilemma


Thinking about your future can be daunting and sometimes we feel a little hopeless when things don’t go the way we wanted. But remember there’s always a solution and it’ll be okay in the end. Sometimes it’s having the strength to snap out of it — treating yourself with a nap after a long day is probably all you need


B. Make comparison


Social media makes it even easier for us to compare what others have and what we don’t. Sure, your friends may seem like they’ve got their lives together and you may feel like you’re a mess, but truth is, you’ll never really know what they’re actually going through. They could even be freaking out deep inside.


Believe in your potential and focus on your own path instead of eyeing others’ — you’ll get to where you’re meant to be eventually. Besides, many successful people started out with humble beginnings


The only comparison you should make is between your programme options! Should you study Cambridge A Level or AUSMAT? Foundation or Diploma?


C. Follow someone else’s decision


Before you decide anything, remember that this is YOUR life and YOUR future. You have every right to CHOOSE the path you want to lead. Pursuing something you have no interest in due to external pressure could potentially cost your family more if you have to repeat or restart a new programme.


And before you follow the steps of your close friends just to ‘stick together’, think again. Is your future worth sacrificing to follow someone else’s dream? But if you have the same dream, then you’re just lucky!


Bottom line: Don’t make a decision before sleeping on it.

If you’re wondering which pre-university programme suits you best, this may help! And if you need further clarification, feel free to get in touch with us and let us answer your queries! 

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