Helpful Questions to Ask an Education Counsellor

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08 Jan 2020

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Karen Grace Prince (Guest Contributor)


Stuck in the blues over what to do post-high school? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. After all, it’s not easy to figure out what and where to study with such little time and so much ground to cover.

But fear not, that’s what education counsellors are here for! They can fill you in on everything you need to know about future study options and probable institutions to enroll in within one or two meetings! It’s really that simple!

And while you’re at it, here are a couple of basic questions and why you should keep them in mind during your appointed meeting. 

What Programme Is Best Suited for Me?

Let’s get down to business! (cue Mulan soundtrack) Whether you have an idea or close to no clue on what to do next, it’s always best to keep this card on the table from the get-go. By consulting an outside source, you can gain better access and understanding to what options are available for you.


Remember, there isn’t any harm having a look at the plethora of options available within the institution. Plus, your education counsellor is trained to provide educated advice and guidance based on your academic transcript or preferences so you’re in good hands!


You can better understand several programme characteristics, like the duration period, fees compatibility, overseas transfer or exchange options, how each programme is valued in each region or country, and so much more. After all, it is important to explore all facets of each programme to better decide what suits you best.


And if you’re still having trouble, that’s okay too! That’s what your education counsellor is there for, so don’t be afraid to ask their sincere advice if you’re feeling confused or indecisive!

What Does My Preferred Programmes Offer?

You’ve got some options on the table, what now? It’s time to delve into the specifics!


Every programme is unique in its own way and it is key to understand the perks that come with it. This question is useful in deciding just how compatible each programme is to your liking. You can explore all the unique subject choices available and see which ones catch your eye or spark interest so as to better understand which ones truly resonate with you.


Also, this bridges paths into the complexities of each programme, like which education system it follows (be it Australian, American, British, Canadian or our good old local system) as well as how well each programme helps students integrate into different countries and the opportunities that come with it. This is important as it gives you an idea of your future after completing higher education.


Not a study-holic and prefer more interactive learning? Then, picking a programme with a higher coursework percentage over exams is essential. Your choice should based on your preferred learning style. Remember, one size does not fit all and you definitely have the opportunity to make a decision more suited to your liking, so keep that in mind.


Lastly, you can also have a look at the cool perks each programme offers like industry visits, field trips, community projects, group assignments, and so much more! 

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Am I Eligible for a Scholarship?

Ah yes, the question that makes our skin itch! You’ve looked at various unique and colourful programmes and, more or less, have some thoughts brewing in your mind, but wait! You’re not done yet! It’s now time for YOU to share! 


This query is key to understanding how your current path after high school will lead to your future path and what criterias are attached to it. With this, a more concrete visualisation of how your academic standing will fit into the programme of choice. For instance, each programme has basic requirements or credits needed in order to qualify for an application. Pro tip, it’s also useful in finding out how many credits you would need to achieve to get into your dream programme.


Finally, this question also advises what the university wants from you like English Proficiency Test documents, leaving school certificates, transcripts, residency documents, and if you’re an international student, then your visa and passport documents are also to be submitted. Don’t worry, this may sound tedious and a tad bit intimidating, but your education counsellor will guide you along the way!


Whether you’re a keen academic graduate or are involved in some unique extracurricular activities, there’s always something for everyone so be sure to check thoroughly! 

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Did You Know?
Taylor’s provides an array of scholarships from academic to non-academic. Find out if you’re eligible for our many scholarships available for nearly all our programmes!.

What Is My Campus Life Outside Academics?

Now here’s where you can find out the cool perks that come with being a college student besides lessons and learning!


Aside from attending classes and passing exams, it’s essential to acquire a wholesome campus experience because, after all, you’ll be spending quite some time there, so be sure to make the most out of it through exploring the unique facilities and activities readily available at your institution.


Remember to ask your counsellor about the different clubs and societies you can join to ensure the best campus experience! Any information, be it the availability of transportation mediums, accommodation doubts, medical and security services, availability of items, prayer needs, or even psychological and welfare counselling, are available to you by your counsellor so do ask if need be! 

Did You Know? 
At Taylor’s, some of our highlighted facilities include our esteemed Theatrette (think movie theater on campus), our 4-storey library, our Student Life Centre (which comes with a pool table!), our athletic courts, lounges, and tons more!
Plus, you can meet our noisy but oh-so-lovable campus mascots, the geese and ducks, whom you can always catch hanging around our renowned campus lake. It’s never boring here at Taylor’s, that’s for sure! Taylor’s provides an array of scholarships from academic to non-academic. Find out if you’re eligible for our many scholarships available for nearly all our programmes!.


We’re done! By now you will have a good idea of what to expect and also what is expected from you so here’s some words of advice.


If you have more than one programme in mind, it’s best to compare them effectively by listing out the pros and cons that come with it. You can always seek further help from your education counsellor or consult family or friends if you’re still unclear on what to do.


If you’re yet to discover your future passion, you can always take on a course that has wider options and holistic educational opportunities so at least, in the future, you’re still open to options and not stuck on to one path.


Lastly, remember, it’s ultimately your decision and your choice so make your choice based on the most desirable outcome and how you intend for the programme to be applied in your future profession, instead of basing it on what your friends are all choosing. After all, you’re finally climbing the stairs up to adulthood, and with more and more tougher decisions coming your way, it’s best to make smart and fruitful decisions so don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!


So what are you waiting for? Head on out and visit an education counsellor today!

Karen Grace Prince studies a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication (Honours). She is also an Events Committee Member forTaylor's Model United Nations.

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