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Inspiring Teachers, Transforming Schools


RISE Educator Award is back, and this year we are on the search for five (5) inspiring teachers with remarkable stories to win RM10,000 each in cash prizes for their schools!


Whether it is establishing a community library, building a digital classroom for students in underserved communities or even designing classroom modules for specially-abled students, get your teachers recognised for their commitment to quality education and join the movement in celebrating teachers who are making a difference in Malaysia's education ecosystem.

Nomination Period

1 March - 16 April 2023

Voting Period
24 Apr - 12 May 2023

Announcement of Winner
27 May 2023


Wan Mu’adzam bin Wan Abidin
Cikgu Kumaresan a/l Muniandy
Joei Ong Suk Mei
Velerie Wheelervon Primus
Ayu binti Majid


"Wan Mu’adzam bin Wan Abidin is a special education teacher in Sekolah Kebangsaan Klang, Selangor whose mission is to shine light on students with disabilities and demonstrate their talents and abilities to society.


He invented a device called Caballus Rafvi which helps students with visual impairments to run and even to train them in track and field. He is currently collaborating with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to further improve his innovation and he hopes that it will be of benefit to visually impaired students all over Malaysia.


He is also an athletics coach, bringing his students all the way to national level and even brought them to the top of Mount Kinabalu."


By Ernaliza Binti Yahya

Portrait of Cikgu Kumaresan

"He started his teaching profession as a special needs teacher in 2010. After one of his students graduated from high school, the mother wondered what her child would do. Her worries gave him inspiration to start a training project for special needs children to transition to work.


He started ‘Projek Hello School To Work’ in 2018, and with the help of parents and some industry partners, students were sent to the school to learn skills during the school holidays. The training not only helps the students, but gives confidence to employers as well. 20 students have started working through this project so far.


There is also the ‘Projek School Enterprise Kedai Dobi OKU’ to train students to operate their own laundry business. Two of the students have been employed and work in the school koperasi. This project received a sponsorship of RM78,000 under Skim Galakan Perniagaan Orang Kurang Upaya oleh Jabatan Tenaga Kerja (JTK) as a business model and encourages more businessmen among special need students. "


By Rabthah binti Abd Rahim

Portrait of Joei Ong

"Teacher Joei is a passionate teacher with hearing difficulties, as she uses a cochlear implant, that teaches special needs students multimedia design. Seeing the need of her students after they graduate, she created the OKU Shelter Workshop at the school by training them to design for local businesses.


She is always patient and gentle with her students and uses her own life story to inspire them to have a positive attitude when working on a design project. She is the bridge between the students and the local businesses, and convinced bosses to be willing to give these students a chance. Through this initiative, the students have opportunities to sharpen their design skills and gain valuable work experience in the marketplace.


Teacher Joei has a good reputation as a special education teacher and a multimedia designer herself, and has been approached by some local bosses that would like to provide laptops for the workshop and special needs students." 


By Tan Cho Yun

Portrait of Velerie

"A Special Education Teacher who is also a Sabah State Cultural Icon. This teacher holds the principle "Because Art Is Beautiful". By adhering to this principle, this teacher has won 12 awards at the state, national and international levels.


Among the awards he has won are Excellence Showcase Teacher 2022, Sabah State Cultural Icon Teacher 2021 and 2022, Innovation Teacher 2022, National Performing Arts Teacher Candidate 2023, Sabah Chief Minister's Award 2018, Sabah State Minister of Technology and Innovation Award 2019, Golden Award Folklore Dance Russian Federation 2021 and Won more than 10 gold awards in innovation competitions.


This teacher is also active in the production of special education student learning modules, the production of action research writing and research writing. This teacher is committed and has a clear direction in developing and educating students, especially among students with special educational needs in the interior of Sabah.


Participation in the Rise Educator Award 2023 became a medium for this teacher to deliver his Advocacy which is "Dignifying Students with Special Education Needs."

Portrait of Ayu

"The nominator was a shy student with low self-motivation and lacked confidence in their ability to speak in public due to their limited English skills. However, their first English teacher, Teacher Ayu, had a positive impact on their life by showing love and understanding to all her students, having an understandable teaching style, and being patient with their behavior.


With her support, the person became more confident and learned to be humble, never to be afraid of making mistakes, and always learning from them. The person had the opportunity to work with her to run a community center for OA youths, improving their leadership skills and managing a class of 27 youths.


Teacher Ayu's passion for bringing education to the community and creating equal opportunities for everyone has inspired the person greatly. She currently runs a preschool for the community, and the person believes that she deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication."


By Nurshafiekah a/k Suhailan

Voting Rules


The official social media platform for voting is Taylor’s College Facebook. Follow us for updates. The winner will be chosen based on popular voting by clicking “like” on the picture. Get your students, colleagues, and friends to vote for your favourite teachers. Finalists with the most votes win.


The duration for voting is from 24 April – 12 May 2023.


Read more for the full term and conditions.

Winning Levels


RISE Educator Award is open to the public to submit their nominations and vote for their Top 5 shortlisted stories.


Five finalists of the RISE Educator Award will enter in the judging round by the judges, through a rating score of 10 (where 1 being low and 10 being high), and judges will select the winner based on criteria such as impact of the endeavour on the teacher’s skills and duty, impact of the endeavour on students’ education, and impact of the endeavour on the community.


All the decisions are final.

  1. RISE Educator Award category nominator is open to all Malaysian citizens. The nominees must be educators in  any national, private and international pre-school, primary and secondary school only.
  2. RISE Educator of the Year category opens to all the finalists in the above awards only. No nomination is available. 


Eligible participant, for each category, may submit only one (1) entry and must seek the consent of the nominee to participate in this Award, if they are selected as finalists.

RISE Educator Award

This award offers a grand prize of RM2,000 to the winner and RM500 to the nominator. There’s more. Each finalist also receives RM500 and RM10,000 in sponsorship to develop school facilities or infrastructure!

RISE Educator Award of The Year 2023

Recognizing excellence and dedication in education, this award presents a grand prize of RM5,000 to the winner and RM500 to the nominator!