Although there are many programmes to choose from after SPM, the Cambridge A Level is still the most popular.

Here at Taylor’s College, we strive to provide students with everything that they need to succeed in their studies. Find out more on when to apply.


On top of receiving qualification from CAIE, students who complete their Cambridge A Level receive international recognition from the Top Universities worldwide including those from the UK, North America, Australia and the European Union.

For the UK alone, our Cambridge A Level students have enrolled in all of the Top 10 UK Universities:


Taylor’s College has an excellent academic track record since 1991. Not only that, we provide excellent networking opportunities with Taylor’s alumni.

The Taylor’s Placement Centre plays a vital role in helping students find a place in their universities of choice. The centre is further supported by the CAL Placement Unit which works with together with students on providing university application timelines, opportunities to engage with top universities, and consultation on the expectations and entry requirements of various courses and universities.

Taylor’s Cambridge A Level is a personalised 2 year programme that focuses on 21st century Learning approaches and necessary skills required for entry into top universities.


The Taylor’s College Cambridge A Level programme helps students to identify and discover the different learning skills to succeed academically and beyond. These critical skills are known as IsCoRe which is a combination of differentiated learning approaches for students to excel in their studies and achieve their university and career goals.

  • Independent Learning Skills 

Mould students into responsible and confident individuals; active at acquiring knowledge and ideas to achieve their goals.

  • Collaborative Learning Skills

Encourages students to master peer-to-peer interaction and leverage on individual strengths to acquire sound knowledge.

  • Research Skills

Equips students with technique to acquire higher order thinking skills and broaden their academic perspective.