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Taylor's Progression Festival: Paving the Way from College to University

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30 Apr 2024

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Taylor's Team (Editor)


Navigating the transition from college to university life is a significant step, but it need not be a solitary or daunting journey. The recent Taylor's Progression Festival showcased just how much support and guidance Taylor's University offers, ensuring students embark on their university careers feeling prepared, supported, and excited.


The festival provided an impressive suite of resources tailored specifically for Taylor’s College students to ease the college-to-university transition. Here's an expanded look at what was offered, demonstrating the thoughtful preparation that Taylor's puts into supporting its students.

Holistic Pastoral Care Approach

Lecturer shared the details regarding quality surveying course to student

At the heart of the festival was the pastoral care approach, providing holistic support designed to foster students' overall welfare, personal development, and academic success. Key support mechanisms introduced during the festival included personalised guidance and seamless application processes, paving the way from Taylor's College to Taylor’s University. The support didn’t end there; global opportunities and career-focused preparation were also highlighted, equipping students for success not just in their studies, but in their future careers.

Expanding Global Horizons

Students asked for more information about university placements

Students were introduced to the breadth of Taylor’s university partnerships worldwide, opening doors to overseas transfer options and student exchange programmes. This segment of the festival was particularly vibrant, featuring testimonials and interactive sessions that helped students visualise themselves experiencing new cultures, perspectives, and enriching their studies in an international environment.

Career Pathways Exploration

This is key to helping students identify potential career paths that match their passions and aspirations

Another highlight was the scientifically backed career interest assessment available at the festival, which helped students gain clearer insights into their strengths, skills, and interests. Coupled with guidance from experienced advisors, this assessment was a crucial step in helping students identify potential career paths that align with their passions and aspirations, setting a strong foundation for a fulfilling career.

Innovative Learning Environments at Taylor’sphere

He's using Vortex XR to demonstrate Taylor Sphere innovative learning environment

The festival also provided a peek into the innovative learning environments that Taylor’s offers. Spaces like the Bizpod collaborative hub, the Taylor's Makerspace equipped for prototyping and design thinking, and the Vortex XR Lab featuring the latest in virtual and augmented reality, were all showcased. These facilities are designed to stimulate creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills for their university transition —essential attributes for success in today's dynamic world.

A Gateway to Future Success

The Taylor's Progression Festival was more than just an event; it was a gateway to future academic and professional success, providing a supportive and enriching university transition experience. Students left this journey with excitement in their hearts and clear goals in sight, fully prepared for the next chapter in their educational paths.


Future Taylor's College students should eagerly anticipate this festival, not only for the support it provides but also for the inspiration it instills for their own academic and professional journeys.

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