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Taylor’s College and SMPKV Merbok Champion Purposeful Learning for Employment

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22 Nov 2023

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The Taylor's Team (Editor)


Taylor's College, dedicated to advancing purposeful learning, collaborates with SMPK Vokasional Merbok to support its practical education initiatives. Through the school’s implementation of Projek School Enterprise Kedai Dobi OKU and Mock House Training Centre, both Taylor’s College and SMPK Vokasional Merbok aim to empower special needs students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a seamless transition into the workforce, thus enabling them to thrive beyond graduation.


According to Josephine Tan, Taylor’s College Campus Director, “In our mission to become not only the best tertiary institution in the world but also the best for the world, we are committed to infusing purpose and meaning into our curriculum, research, and advocacy, with the recognition that education possesses the profound potential to effect positive societal change. Furthermore, our purpose-driven motto extends to a vision where we aim to support teachers and students at the primary and secondary levels. By doing so, we aspire to empower them with the skills, knowledge, and purpose that will not only prepare them for successful transitions to tertiary education but also equip them for prosperous careers."

Empowering Students for Employment

An initiative championed by Cikgu Kumaresan Muniandy, a special needs teacher at SMPK Vokasional Merbok and the winner of RISE Educator of the Year 2023, the Projek School Enterprise Kedai Dobi OKU and Mock House Training Centre is funded and supported by Taylor’s College, with the aim to provide equal job opportunities and empower his students for employment. The projects started after a concerned mother, whose son was one of Cikgu Kumaresan's students, voiced her concerns regarding her child's job security post-high school graduation.


Students who undergo this training include low-functioning students who have finished school, special needs workers from Bengkel Daya Sungai Petani and students from Community-Based Rehabilitation who are trained for three to six months before being taken to a hotel for industrial trial training.


“After graduating high school, many of our students face uncertainty and do not have a clear path to move forward in life. Hence with the hospitality sector training available to them, we are opening doors by equipping them with hands-on experience that will help them excel in the hospitality sector. My mission is rooted in the belief that every student, regardless of their challenges, deserves the opportunity to chart a course in life that extends beyond their schooling years and the realms of employment. It is also about instilling unwavering confidence and equipping them with the ability to navigate their own journey,” said Cikgu Kumaresan.


The students are also trained in using computers to prepare resumes and letters for job application and applying for leave of absence and undergo interview simulations to prepare them when applying for jobs. 

Revitalising Mock House Training Center

When Cikgu Kumaresan initially began the Mock House Training Center, he inherited a dilapidated guest house. With the RM10,000 sponsorship from Taylor's College, he revitalised the center with essential items, including a fridge, kitchen utensils, housekeeping tools, and quality linens. The sponsorship also boosted Projek School Enterprise Kedai Dobi OKU, introducing industrial-grade carpet cleaning equipment, an industrial vacuum for the dryer machine, and expanding the washer-extractor machine's capacity for maximum impact. 

Mock House Training Center
Projek School Enterprise Kedai Dobi OKU

Beyond the financial support, Taylor’s College has further enhanced the educational resources at SMPK Vokasional Merbok by generously providing the school’s library with five complete sets of computers. 

Library SMPKV Merbok

Puan Rabthah Abd Rahim, the headmistress of SMPK Vokasional Merbok who also nominated Cikgu Kumeresan, witnessed the transformative impact of Cikgu Kumaresan’s initiatives firsthand and is excited to see many more students benefit from the two projects. “We express our appreciation to Taylor’s College for supporting the initiatives that Cikgu Kumaresan has brought to life for the special needs students, and for sponsoring the computers for the students to use during their training,” she said.


“Cikgu Kumaresan's initiatives embody a profound commitment to inclusivity and education for all, underlining the principle that every individual, irrespective of their abilities, merits equal access to opportunities and a purposeful future. These initiatives have made a significant impact on the lives of these students, and we are delighted to wholeheartedly support him in his endeavours as it harmonises perfectly with Taylor's unwavering dedication for inclusive education for all”, said Josephine Tan, Campus Director of Taylor’s College.


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