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02 Dec 2021

3 Min Read

Josephine Serena (Editor), Sandra Goh (Guest Contributor)


Data Science and Computer Science are the dynamic duo of the tech world, offering a chance to dive into the heart of innovation. They are closely intertwined yet distinctly different.

Finding a quiet and comfy place to study is one of the keys to success, but the truth is, this isn’t easy especially when there isn’t a conducive space for you to study at home. Hence, students often resort to going out but that means forking out your allowance. Now that we can all return to campus, why not make use of Taylor’s awesome and ahem world-class campus facilities instead. After all, they’re there for YOU.


Here are some insiders’ tips on the best study spots on campus!

#1 Study Room

One of the best facilities of Taylor’s Lakeside Campus is the silent study room located at Block C, Level 2 where only Taylorians are allowed to enter.


Unlike the library, the study room is open 24 hours, which you can enter anytime to study and even as early as 6am — convenient especially if you stay around campus!


The best thing about the study room is that everyone there is 100% focused, so there isn’t any noise and outside food that could distract you.


Also, the tables are individually separated providing sufficient privacy and ensuring that there wouldn’t be students discussing or chit-chatting.

Study Room

#2 Lecture Theatre

PS: Lecture theatres aren’t just for lectures. If you’ve nowhere to head to, and the library isn’t your cup of tea, try sneaking into empty lecture halls for a study sesh.


They are usually empty when there aren’t classes being conducted, so feel free to use it! Sometimes, even lecturers would stay in after their classes to catch up with their work.


If you want somewhere free of distraction and noise, try studying in it on your own! However, you would have to leave if there’s another class occupying it.


Pro Tip: Remember to get your laptop charged before entering lecture halls since there aren’t plug points for you to charge.

Lecture Hall

#3 Tutorial Classrooms

Tutorial classrooms such as the X-Space Collaborative Classrooms with unique seating design (and not to mention the fast internet connection) or even the normal classrooms located in Block D and E are always free to use when there aren’t classes conducted.


Since lessons aren’t fully run on campus at all times due to the SOPs set by the government, it’s your chance to make use of the space while you can!

If you find tutorial classrooms empty, never fear to enter!


Reminder: Don’t forget to turn off all the lights and air-conditioner before leaving.

X-Space Collaborative Classroom

#4 Campus Central Waiting Area

If you’re a Taylorian, you’d probably know that Campus Central is a one-stop solution whether it’s dealing with your admissions, certifications, visa, fee payments, and other student-related issues.


But, did you know that you could also hang around the waiting area and study comfortably?


If you don’t mind the slight noise and disturbance (you could put on your headphones), you’ve got to try studying at the waiting area in Campus Central!


The cosy temperature and comfy seats would definitely give you a great study vibe, providing you with more motivation!

Campus Central waiting area

#5 Library Bookshelves

Want a hidden spot where no one can find you? Perhaps you’re tired of your designated study spot at home? I’ve got you mate!


It’s understandable that you’re probably getting a stiff back at home from sitting too long in front of your laptops. To avoid the stiffness it’s time to switch up your study area!


One of the best places to make use of is the area around the bookshelves in the library. It’s quiet with not many people around and you’ve got all the books that you’ll need to refer — definitely a great study ambience!

Girl checking out books on the shelves

#6 Theatrette

If you didn’t already know, there’s a theatre situated in the library! While some might think studying while watching a movie may be counterproductive, I’m not someone who enjoys focusing 100% on my studies.


Instead, I prefer to study and watch movies simultaneously. If you’re one like me also, try bringing your laptop into the theatre to study as you watch the movies! 

Note: You’ll have to book ahead of time in order to utilise the space. So be sure to organise and plan your schedule ahead!


Feeling motivated to study on campus yet? Don’t be shy to make use of the facilities on campus. Check out other available amenities on campus by going on a virtual tour!

Sandra Goh is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business (Hons) Finance & Economics at Taylor's University. She’s also the Event Director of Taylor’s Business School Society (TBSS) & the Research Department Junior Executive of the Association of Malaysian Economics Undergraduate (AMEU).

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