Purpose-driven teachers inspiring impactful learning


Do you know an extraordinary teacher whose story deserves to be told? A mentor whose passion for teaching inspires those around them? Share their stories with us, and together, we recognise their contributions to shaping the future of Malaysia.


The RISE Educator Award recipient will win the school an incredible RM20,000 that’ll help to amplify greater impact and transform many lives of the community for a brighter tomorrow.


Let’s celebrate purpose-driven teachers, in honouring their dedication and in inspiring impactful learning across Malaysia.

Key Dates
Nomination Period

18 March - 17 April 2024

Voting Period

22 April - 10 May 2024

Announcement of Winner

Award winners will be announced in June



It's time to spotlight the stories of our educators that fuel passion for learning among us! We've shortlisted tales of exceptional teachers across Malaysia—mentors who go beyond the textbook to truly inspire their students and colleagues.


Discover these inspiring stories and cast your vote to help us celebrate teachers who are not just teaching but profoundly changing lives. 


The last day to vote is 10 May. Don't miss your chance to support these incredible teachers!

Anne Margarette Kho 
Ashok Pillai A/L Kuppusamy
Goh Kok Ming
Mohammad Shukri Bin Mohd Zain 
Muhammad Anas Murugan Bin Abdullah
Muhammad Nur Asnawi Bin Romly
Shawn Stanly Anthony Dass
Siti Ainulmursyida Binti Shamsudin
Siti Intan Farahana Binti Mhd Fauzy
Sumathy A/P Appannah

portrait of Anne Margarette

Nominated by: Muhammad Nazmi

School: SK Belipat Lawas, Sarawak


"Having the largest number of Pemulihan pupils in the district and facing a concerning attendance rate, Ms. Anne took proactive steps to transform the Pemulihan class into Kedai-Runcit Cikgu Anne. Using personal funds, she regularly adds new supplies for students to earn as rewards. This innovative approach sparked excitement and anticipation among students, encouraging them to become more engaged, make greater efforts to interact with their peers, and even volunteer for school activities.


Her Kedai-Runcit concept has revolutionised the reward system within Pemulihan classes nationwide. Her success in motivating students has led to invitations to share her practices across Malaysia with the District Education Offices visiting her school to witness the positive impact firsthand."

portrait of Ashok Pillai

Nominated by: Nantene A/P Muniandy

School: SJK (C) Jerik, Pahang


"Mr. Ashok is an inspiring teacher known for supporting financially challenged students. Despite his students struggling with irregular attendance, his motivation and financial assistance enabled them to excel academically. He provided free tuition and meals and even arranged additional classes and transportation out of his own pocket.


Beyond academics, Mr. Ashok guided his students in co-curricular activities, coaching them even during school breaks. Consequently, they achieved success in cross-country at the district and state levels and secured a gold medal win at the Kids Athletics Diraja competition. Additionally, his students participated in Pertandingan Innovasi, showcasing projects made from recycled items."

portrait of Goh Kok Ming

Nominated by: Ooi Yoke Ai

School: SJKC Hua Lian 1, Perak


"Mr. Goh, a dedicated primary educator known for engaging teaching methods, has made a significant impact on his students and the community. Beyond the classroom, he founded the Taiping Innovation Centre, a Robotics and STEM club offering free learning opportunities district-wide. This initiative has evolved into a mentorship programme, facilitating knowledge transfer to new students and teachers.​


Building on his success with the Kampong Code initiative at Sekolah Kurang Murid, Mr. Goh now leads a two-year Empowering STEM programme in collaboration with Chumbaka and Yayasan Petronas, benefitting nearly 250 B40 students from 10 schools. His dedication has sparked a positive ripple effect, empowering communities to embrace STEM education and drive societal progress."

portrait of Mohammad Shukri

Nominated by: Suhaili Binti Abd Ghani

School: SK Pendidikan Khas Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur


"Mr. Shukri has made significant sacrifices for his students with hearing difficulties, dedicating his time and effort to their education. In his teaching, he ensures his students fully understand the material by employing a holistic approach, incorporating lip articulation reading, communication and auditory skills, as well as manual-visual sign language. He also teaches the parents sign language online in the evenings. His commitment to sign language has provided opportunities for his choir team to perform with famous singers in Gegar Vaganza and other events, helping to boost his students' confidence.


Additionally, he is actively involved in innovation through the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, contributing to international-accredited projects."

portrait of Muhamad Anas Murugan

Nominated by: Suryatee Abd Rashid

School: SK Seri Intan, Perak


"With 12 years of experience teaching special needs students at SK Seri Intan, Mr. Anas remains dedicated to providing enriching experiences for his students. He has organised various programmes such as Projek Biskut Raya, Projek Aiskrim Malaysia, and Projek Sabun Basuh Tangan serta Kuah Rojak.


In 2023, Mr. Anas established a STEM Garden where plants are fertilised using fertiliser made by students from canteen leftovers. This initiative caught the attention of Teluk Intan's Member of Parliament, who pledged to enhance the Therapeutic Garden and fund increased fertiliser production from food waste. The goal is to empower students by teaching them fertiliser production, creating a potential income stream, and promoting recycling and innovation."

portrait of Muhammad Nur Asnawi

Nominated by: Mohd Johalizan Bin Mohamed Ali

School: SK Pos Musoh LZ, Perak


"As an Orang Asli primary school teacher, Mr Asnawi's care for his students extends even after they have graduated, following their progress well into their secondary school years. To ensure his students have exposure and experience akin to those in modern cities, he organised two study visits to Kuala Lumpur, providing invaluable opportunities for his students.


His community literacy initiative won the Small Grant project organised by an NGO to establish Independent Book Centre Huts, benefiting his students and the local community. Additionally, he successfully obtained sponsorship for the Social and Emotional Learning Programme from Yayasan Axiata, allowing him to develop his students' soft skills and significantly boost their confidence in communication and interpersonal interactions."

portrait of Shawn Stanly

Nominated by: Doris Shantini

School: Teach for Malaysia, serving at SK RPS Banun, Perak


"Mr. Shawn introduces distant realities to an all-Orang Asli school through hands-on, inventive approaches. He organised an election for the class monitor to teach about the democratic process, transformed his science classroom into a flight simulator using a projector and forest resources, and created a beach-themed classroom to educate about marine conservation. These innovative approaches are effective in curbing illiteracy and engaging students in meaningful learning experiences.


His dedication extends beyond the classroom, arranging for two of his students to attend a leadership summit in Mumbai, marking their first overseas travel experience. This effort not only broadened their horizons but also challenged stereotypes and prejudices surrounding their capabilities."

portrait of Siti Ainulmursyida

Nominated by: Kaviraj A/L Segar

School: SMK Orked Desa, Kuala Lumpur


"Recognising the limited access to ICT resources for special needs students in the Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi, Ms Ainul took the initiative to enhance the digital resource centre at SMK Orkid Desa. She secured RM10,000 from Yayasan Petronas, resulting in the establishment of a smart classroom and a well-equipped digital resource centre for robotics activities.


Her innovative approach integrates digital applications and technologies to actively engage her students. Under her guidance, students have excelled, with one representing Malaysia and winning gold at the Global IT Challenge. Through her mentorship, students were empowered to compete in national competitions despite their lack of experience, significantly boosting their confidence."

portrait of Siti Intan Farahana

Nominated by: Nur Zahidah Binti Subri

School: SK Bandar Laguna Merbok, Kedah


"Ms Intan's dedication and innovation have transformed SK Bandar Laguna, championing inclusivity and ensuring every special needs student feels valued and supported, fostering academic and social success. She created an inclusive environment, ensuring every student receives the resources and assistance to succeed academically and socially while instilling confidence and resilience.


Her forward-thinking approach extends to classroom infrastructure, including rehabilitation rooms, self-management spaces, and modern kitchen facilities. She embraced digitalisation by integrating technology and collaborating with domestic and foreign agencies to incorporate drones into education, preparing students for Industry 5.0. Through this, she created a legacy of empowerment and hope."

portrait of Sumathy

Nominated by: Muhammad Afif Fikri Bin Muhammad Rizal

School: SK Seri Setia, Perak


"Ms. Sumathy organised and implemented the Road Safety project for students with disabilities, dedicating herself to training them to follow road crossing rules and regulations. Through the project, she improved the lives of those students and inspired them to strive for a better world. 

The success of this project was recognised by the school authority and PPD and led to the implementation of similar initiatives in other schools, benefiting more students with disabilities. Her dedication to creating a safer world has inspired many others to take action in their communities."


RISE Educator Award 2024 Recipient

Recognising excellence and dedication in education, this award presents a grand prize of RM5,000 to the winner, RM500 to the nominator, and RM20,000 to the school to develop school facilities or infrastructure!

RISE Educator Award 2024 Finalists

This award offers RM1,000 to RISE Educator finalists and RM250 to the nominator. RM10,000 in sponsorship will be given to develop school facilities or infrastructure!

how it works

Panel of Judges

  • The RISE Educator Award nomination is open to all Malaysian citizens. Nominees must be educators employed in national, private, or international pre-school, primary, or secondary schools only.
  • Eligible participants may submit only one (1) entry and must obtain the nominee's consent prior to participating in this Award, if they are selected as finalists.

Read more for the full terms and conditions.

Submitting your nomination for the RISE Educator Award is completely online. The deadline to submit is 17 April 2024, 11:59 pm.

Step 1

Fill in the form and in 100 – 250 words, tell us why your teacher deserves the award.

Step 2

Review your answers and submit your nomination.

Step 3

If your nomination has been chosen as one of the 10 shortlisted participants, Taylor's College will send you a link to the social media post with your nominee's story in it.

Step 4

Cast your votes by liking your nominee's post on our social media! The top 5 stories will be evaluated by a panel of judges and stand a chance to be the RISE Educator Award 2024 recipient.

The RISE Educator Award invites nominations from the public and invites them to participate in selecting the Top 5 shortlisted stories.


For updates and to cast your vote, join us on our official social media platforms: Taylor’s College Facebook


The recipient of the RISE Educator Award emerges from the pool of five finalists, determined by a combined vote of the public (25%) and the esteemed panel of judges (75%). These judges, experts in their field, assess each nomination based on various criteria, including the impact of the endeavour on the teacher’s skills and duty, impact of the endeavour on students’ education, and the impact of the endeavour on the community. Please note that all decisions are considered final.

Shortlist 10 Participants

Firstly, the 10 shortlisted participants are selected through the Taylor's College committee.

Like To Vote for Top 5

Out of 10, the top 5 finalists will then be chosen based on popular voting via Taylor's College Facebook page.

Selection of RISE Educator Award 2024 Recipient

Lastly, the top 5 finalists enter the judging round where judges would select the winner based on the criteria.

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