Taylor' College provides a wide variety of social, recreational and professional activities to our students that spark creativity and pursue your passions, foster networking with our university communities, alumnus and external parties, or just to relax and unwind. Membership in any student club is open to all students.


Taylor’s College Student Council serves as the chief representative body for students in the College, with representations from all Programmes/Schools. They represent the voice of the students and function as the key intermediary between student and management.

TCSC is also a strategic platform for you to acquire in-depth leadership experiences where it focuses primarily on improving student integration and the quality of campus life for students. At the same time, TCSC also represents the college/university for inter-varsity collaborations, networking avenues and efforts of the Ministry of Education Malaysia.


Maximise your college experience! Join our growing list of clubs and societies including:


Community Service Initiatives (CSI) Volunteers

CSI Volunteers are a team of young people who aspire to make a difference in the lives of the community. CSI Volunteers focuses on youth engagement and provide opportunities for campus students to inculcate a sense of volunteerism and social responsibility through various activities and events organized locally and abroad.

Some of the notable efforts made include Yes We Can!, Taylor’s World Food Day 2.0, Flood Relief Efforts (FREE), HOJO Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Fundraiser and the hosting of the Hong Kong Institute of Education for Service Learning experience in Malaysia. CSI Volunteers has a strong network support from various NGOs in Malaysia. Various opportunities offered within CSI include:

  • CSI Volunteer Programme
  • CSI Learning Tours
  • Local Outreach Projects (Crisis Response, Humanitarian Aid, Environment Care, Youth Volunteerism)
  • Overseas Outreach Projects


Taylor's Debaters

The Taylor’s Debaters specializes in public speaking and debates and represents the Institution in various debate competitions. Our debaters are coached professionally by debate experts who help develop their preparations for competitions, friendly matches and even organize debate tournaments. Regular practices and mock debates are held to sharpen students’ critical thinking, general knowledge and enhance their communication skills through various intellectual platforms.


Taylor's Cultural Arts Performers (TRADISI)

TRADISI is a strategic avenue for students to promote and learn the richness of the Malaysian culture through performing arts, particularly in the area of music and dance. TRADISI is trained and coached by local experts who are passionate in imparting the essence of the culture and diversity through each routine that is then showcased during key university events and competitions throughout the year.


Community Centric

LEO Club

The LEO club aims to provide students with Leadership, Experience and Opportunity both individually and collectively by tapping into social service activities. The LEO club members diligently organise activities that benefit various charitable homes through fund raiser activities.


Taylor's Nature Club

TUNC aims to gather students of common interest on activities that are related to nature. They aim to increase students’ awareness on their responsibility towards mother nature besides advocating habitat conservation and environment education. They also intend to participate and collaborate with local efforts in preserving Earth’s biodiversity.


Girl Up

Taylor’s Girl Up is a club under the United Nations Foundation that helps girls gain access to better education, healthcare and social and economic opportunities. Through events, activities and fundraisers organised by this club, Girl Up aims to create more awareness on issues surrounding girls. This club is not limited to girls only and is open to all interested in making a difference.


Classroom X-Perience

Classroom X-Perience (CXP) is a long-term tutor project consisting of semester-based classes with Yayasan Ozanam, a registered non-profit, voluntary welfare organisation incorporated in 1998 to care for and shelter the neglected, exploited, abused, abandoned and orphaned children of Malaysia. Classroom X-Perience (CXP) consists of two teams, the event team and the mentors.

The event team organises fund raisers for the mentors to purchase the materials for their classes and to organise the Annual Graduation Day for the children. The mentors conduct classes for the underprivileged children in their homes. The interactive activities and lessons that are carried out by the CXP Mentors fall into three categories: Academics, Sports and Excursions, and Soft Skills and Performing Arts.

The classes aim to enable underprivileged children to express themselves, explore new talents and develop self-confidence through various fun and creative activities.Also, the classes aims to equip the children with the necessary skills, knowledge, exposure and develop self-confidence as a holistic approach towards a child’s well-being.


Public Speaking

Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations Club is a simulation of the UN General Assembly and other multilateral bodies. In Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states, to debate current issues on the organisation's agenda.

While playing their roles as ambassadors, student "delegates" make speeches, prepare draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the Model UN conference rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing "international cooperation" to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world.


Toastmasters Club

The Taylor’s Toastmasters Club is established with an aim of helping students develop their communication, public speaking and leadership skills. Through their modules and simulations, students will embark on a learning period exposing them to simulations and public speaking exercises that enables them to develop the art of speaking, listening and thinking.


Business and Entrepreneurship


Present in over 125 countries and territories and with over 50,000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and participate in a global learning environment. What makes AIESEC unique is the youth driven impactful experience that it offers to its members.


Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Club is driven to educate youths today of the value of entrepreneurship by giving them a platform to network, connect and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Through various club activities, students will learn how to broaden their mind to financial knowledge in order to gauge profitable investments, financial risks and financial management.


Agents of Tech

A diversified club that caters to all kind of passionate students, educators and lecturers of various universities in competing in national level hackathons, event organizing, learning workshops and tech talks that explore technologies beyond educational institution syllabus. Enhance individual soft skill and technological skill to bring competitiveness, adding value to the community and contribute to society.



SIGHT was established to allow students with unconventional mindsets to explore their areas of interest and to provide them with a platform to innovate and become people of value in society. Through this channel, it hopes to help people in the community develop the courage and confidence to make a personal/global impact, start a trend where people understand the concept of innovation and to help people discover and ascertain their goals and find their path.


Bursa Young Investors Club 

Taylor’s Bursa Young Investors Club was established to create a trading community and raise financial literacy within the Taylor’s Community. The club also aims to assist its members in securing highly competitive summer internships at pre-eminent financial institutions – an opportunity which has then led to many students being offered fulltime graduate positions.


Performing Arts

Dance Club

Taylor’s Dance Club is made out of energetic, vibrant and passionate dancers who are eager to share a common platform to develop their talent in dancing. From contemporary dance to hip hop, break dance and so much more, be prepared to sweat it all out with the Dance Club.


Music Club

The Music Club at Taylor’s is driven to enrich the campus experience by identifying young talents and providing them with a platform to develop themselves vocally, instrumentally as well as develop their singing and songwriting skills. Through the Music Club, students will develop self-confidence, networking with other musicians and collaborate to create opportunities for workshops and music inspired events that would benefit the Taylor’s community.


L.I.V.E Club

Stretch your vocals and your creativity with Taylor’s L.I.V.E. Club! Established in 2016, L.I.V.E Club is dedicated to Acapella enthusiasts who have a talent in singing and harmonizing.


Society of Performing Arts

Taylor’s Society of Performing Arts is a society that seeks to expose, develop, nurture and celebrate the creativity and culture of performing arts to the student. The society aspires to break away from the typical stigma that is attached to other performing arts society which appears to limit the society to a select few. In line with this idea, the society aims to be inclusive and invites anyone who is enthusiastic, interested or even just curious about the production of performing arts to join them.


Taylor's Symphony Orchestra

Taylor’s Symphony Orchestra (TSO) provides students with an opportunity to perform and express themselves musically. Through collaborative learning, students will be able to hone and develop their musical skills by performing together with other talented musicians, internally or even externally. The society is also a platform for students to organise an annual concert where proceeds will be channeled to the maintenance of the instruments.


Media and Arts

Book Club

Taylor’s Book Club aims to connect like-minded people who share a passion in reading through a series of activities such as book discussions, movie screenings on book adaptation, book sales, workshops and awareness campaigns that stress the importance of reading and writing. This is a platform for students to enhance their writing skills and showcase their own short stories to members in the club or the public.


ETC. Magazine

Eager to develop your talent in writing? The ETC. Magazine Club is the most ideal platform for you to develop this skill. By covering news around campus and practicing your flair in writing, covering events and photography and at the same time increasing brand awareness and campus activities, the fun and excitement is aplenty with ETC Magazine.


Photography Club

Have an eye for photography? Join the Photography Club and develop your photography skills. The team of experienced student photographers is eager to share their passion and experience when it comes to taking photos. The Photography Club is also the appropriate platform for students to practice their photography skills through various campus activities and events.


Film & Cinematography Club

The Film & Cinematography Club was established to broaden the interest in film and film-making within Taylor’s student community. Through the club initiatives and activities, they hope to create a platform for students to further their knowledge and interest in film and film-making.


Artsy Club

Artsy was established to bring together creative minds who are passionate in pursuing their talents in arts. Artsy has four elements, illustration, graphic designing, integrated video editing and basic web-design.


Special Interest

Wine & Dine Club

The Wine & Dine club is all about discovering and experiencing the infinite variety of food and beverage ranging from street food to fine dining, from juices to vintage wines, from the purest French to Asian-fusion cuisine to thus find the perfect match in today’s modern gourmet search.


Spiritual Connectivity

Buddhist Club

The Taylor’s Buddhist Club is in collaboration with Fo Guang Shan temple which was founded by Venerable Hsing Yun, who is known for his ‘Humanistic Buddhism’ philosophy employed by the Fo Guang Shan order which utilises Buddhism to fit the needs of a modern world. The Club aims to incorporate the learning and teaching of Buddhism and hope to provide a safe path to self-discovery and spirituality to all Students willing to learn and apply this in life.


Catholic Society

The Taylor’s Catholic Society is passionate about God and was established to share their spirituality and support one another in their journey of faith, learning and discovery through the essence of Catholic teaching.


Christian Fellowship

The Taylor’s Christian Fellowship is an avenue for all Christians to unite and find support and learning in one another. The club is filled with exciting games, hands-on activities, networking opportunities as well as a team of peers who are eager to empower, inspire and live life for a bigger cause.


Muslim Students' Association

Muslim Students' Association, also recognised as MSA was founded in May 2010. MSA intends to convey the message of Islam to common people and at the same time is greatly concerned and enthusiastic to educate the public on Islam, while clarifying all sorts of doubts and misunderstandings about Islam.

E-mail :

Cultural Society

Anime Society

Taylor’s Anime Society (TAS) is a common interest society that is dedicated in sharing their interest in Japanese Modern Visual Culture & Japanese Culture to their surrounding community. Fun, enlivening and exciting, TAS is passionate, enthusiastic and constantly active in organising events and activities to spread the culture and bring people who share the same interest together.


Chinese Society

Taylors’ Chinese Society was established with the vision of becoming a well-known Chinese Society for its excellence, passionate and integrity among private institutions. The development and integration of traditional Chinese virtues and values into a modern context is the key to keeping an identity alive. It is moreover every passionate Malaysian Chinese’s wish to find his/her place in the global village and promote his/her beliefs, world views, and traditions to the world.


Indian Society

Taylor’s Indian Society aims to pass on their traditions, culture, language and religion to the younger generation in commemoration and preservation. TIS aims to celebrate key festivals and establish a sense of community towards anyone wanting to learn more about Indian culture.


K-Gen Society

K-Gen Society at Taylor’s was established to expose Taylorians and Malaysians to the increasing popularity of Hallyu (Korean wave) Culture in Malaysia. By connecting people with similar interests and passion, K-Gen goes all out in instilling K-Pop and Korean culture into all their campus related activities and events.


International Students' Association

The International Students’ Association comprises of international clubs that are formed based on the percentage of student population on campus. The students come together to organise events that creates awareness, integration and inclusion on the myriad of cultures that exist worldwide.

Presently the International Students’ Association is made up of the following countries:

  • Bangladesh Society (
  • Indonesian Society (
  • Japanese Society (
  • Pakistan Society (
  • Korean Society (




Taylor's Dodgeball Club

Taylor's Lakeside Storm is the official Dodgeball Club at Taylor's University; whose aim is to capture the attention of the students and general public with the rising sport. Although the game is new to Malaysians, it was already widely played in America and made popular through the Dodgeball movie.

The Malaysian Association of Dodgeball has made great strides in the local scene and Storm is not far off, having become a major competing force in its founding year. The club instils honor, integrity and fair play into its players while its cheerleaders, bloggers and spokespersons support the club with pride. Ask any of our members; Storm is not just a club, it becomes you.


Taylor's Netball Club

With top quality coaching and having a fine pool of netballers, Taylor’s Netball Club is the perfect place to improve your netball skills in a family friendly environment. Join the club and you will surely see difference within you. We build true CHARACTERS!!!


Taylor's Table Tennis Club

Objective of the club is to play the games after classes to keep ourselves healthy and fit as well as to foster friendships among table tennis enthusiast and sports in general. The club also provides platform for its members to represent the University and engage or experience the competitiveness side of the game in healthy Sporting manner.


Taylor's Badminton Club

Taylor's University Badminton Club is one of the most popular interests amongst students. The club encourages equal participation and strong value of badminton, such as teamwork and fair play within the members of the club. Join us and fight for your spot to be part of the university badminton team.


Taylor's Athletics Club

Athletic Club objective is to develop and train individuals who have the passion for track, cross-country and road running. So, for those who would like to learn and also unleash your talents, join our club and be ready for more fun and exciting trainings and be part of Taylor’s Athletics Team.


Taylor's E-Sports Club

Taylor's University Esports club aims to be a fun and inclusive environment for every gamer that is studying in Taylor's Lakeside. Regardless of what genres you are into, whether it be Shooters, MoBA's, or even fantasy card games, we encourage you to join us!


Taylor's Volleyball Club

TTaylor’s Volleyball Club mission is to provide a safe environment for all members to learn and develop their skill as a volleyball player. We believe that teamwork is the underlying basis for an athlete to understand and value its importance in the sport of volleyball. Good sportsmanship and camaraderie is practiced, so for all of you out there looking to make new friends, this is the club for you. Let's keep the club active and do anything it takes to be in the team and win tournaments.


Taylor's Rock Climbing Club


Taylor's Ultimate Frisbee Club

The Frisbee Club is established in 2011 with the vision to promote and cultivate the sport at Taylor’s University. The sport is a new addition to the Taylor’s Sports Team and will be competing in the inter-university games. Frisbee Club prides itself not merely as a competitive sport but also looks at the aspects of the game that makes it so special, namely building incredible relationship among members on and off the field.


Taylor's Chess Club


Taylor's Ju-Jutsu Club


Taylor's Basketball Club

Basketball club aims to foster athlete growth, education and development of individuals who has vested passion for the basketball sport. For those basketball fanatics out there, join our club to further develop your skills not only as a basketball player but also to run a club and take place as a leader in the future.


Taylor's Sky Adventure Club


Taylor's Cheerleading Club


Taylor's Scuba Diving Club


Taylor's Muay Thai Club

Taylor's Muay Thai is a club for all Taylorians; from students to lecturers and staff. It's for those who want to get fit and explore the world of Muay Thai combat. This style of hand-to-hand combat is often referred to as the "art of eight limbs"; a marriage of grace and savagery that involves punches, kicks, knees and elbow strikes as well as the deadly head clinch. Whether you are an average joe or a serious combatant, you are welcome to join us.




Taylor's Cricket Club

Taylor’s Cricket Club has one of the best facilities for training in the country with a top quality coach and a fine pool of players ranking from national and international players who are our very own Taylor’s students. Come and join us for trainings and develop yourself in this highly skilled sport.



Taylor's Futsal Club

Taylor's Lakeside Futsal & Football Club is currently the most fan-favorite club at Taylor's University. This club is created for the benefit of our very own Taylorians to discover their hidden talents and even to improve their natural-born skills of this enthusiastic sport. Many friendly competitions will be organized amongst students of Taylor’s University and even open to other Universities, in order to compete and prove in having to become a major competing force among each other. The club encourages fair play and pure talent into its players while its cheerleaders, photographers and organizers support the club with honor and respect.


Taylor's Tennis Club

The Club offers quality tennis training on court and off court. Provide a platform to learn the game extensively. The club also looking to provide intensive training for members where members will benefit the aspect of physical, technical, tactical, mental training which will provide them with overall development of a student on and off the court.


Taylor's Taekwando Club


For more information about Taylor's Clubs and Societies, visit / contact us at: