Life Skills Modules are University Core Modules for all first-year and first-semester students at Taylor’s University. They set the stage for students to start right and to be equipped with personal and social competencies in order for them to thrive in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. 

These modules aim to engage not only the students’ heads and hands but also their hearts. As the first university in the region to formally implement a syllabus on Emotional Intelligence, Taylor’s aims to help students develop a competitive edge, and be well-adjusted, purpose-driven and employable individuals in the 21st century.


The Life Skills Development Programme consists of two modules that are mandatory for all first-year Degree and Diploma students. The first module, Life Skills for Success and Well-Being, focuses on the skillsets of Self-Awareness and Self-Management. The second module, Millennials in Malaysia: Team Dynamics and Relationship Management focuses on the skillsets of Social-Awareness and Relationship Management. 

Some of the topics explored:

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Top employers and research findings indicate that in future, a balance of cognitive and soft skills will become more important. In the 4IR, technology like AI will take over most of the cognitive scope, staging soft skills as key differentiators for employees and entrepreneurs.


Are Life Skills and Millennials compulsory modules?

Yes. They are both compulsory for all first year, first semester students of Degree and Diploma at Taylor’s University 

Do these module contribute to my CGPA?

Yes. Each module is 2 credit hours, which makes a total of 4 credit hours that contributes to your overall CGPA.

Will there be final exams for both the modules?

No. However, there are continuous assessments during the semester to measure your understanding. These assessments will contribute to your final grade.

Where can I find my Life Skills Facilitator on campus?

All Life Skills Facilitators are based in the Centre for Future Learning, Block C, Level 2 (Opposite the Lakeside Campus Library).

How will the classes be carried out?

Currently all classes will be held online until further notice. Our team of facilitators are equipped to carry out the lessons experientially, so do come ready to participate!



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