Why is the SACE International programme an excellent choice?

The South Australian Matriculation/SACE International programme once known as the South Australian Matriculation (SAM), at Taylor's has gained an international reputation as the largest and most successful SAM/SACE International programme in the world.

Taylor's is the single largest centre in the world for the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Year 12. Taylor's has maintained this position for over thirty years and has consistently produced outstanding results which prepare students well for successful tertiary studies both locally and abroad.

Taylor’s provides strong pastoral care that helps students settle into college life.  Students are guided, assisted and coached by subject teachers and Personal Development Plan (PDP) advisors throughout the duration of study.

What is the curriculum of SACE International?

The South Australian Certificate of Education International curriculum is designed to develop students into independent learners who can live, learn, work and engage successfully with the changing world. To do this, they need to be equipped with knowledge, skills and understanding in the relevant context. The SAM/SACE International aims to develop five capabilities in each student: communication, citizenship, personal development, work and learning.

The SAM/SACE International’s assessment mode is based on 70% college-based assessment and 30% external assessment.  The 70% college-based assessment is sent to the SACE Board of South Australia for moderation at the end of the examination.

ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) is used for entrance in universities in Australia and other countries. As of 2015, it is calculated on the score of the best 4 subjects and half of the 5th subject.

How is moderation done in the SACE Board of South Australia?

External examinations are set and marked by the SACE Board examination panel. Close supervision and strong continuous evaluation produce high-quality and valid examination papers to fairly measure the academic achievement of the students.

For the college-based assessment, SAM/SACE International teachers set a number of assessment tasks throughout the school year and collate the grade. Students work are sent for a moderation exercise by the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board .

Students who successfully complete SAM/SACE International are accredited with the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE), an award that is internationally recognised.

What are the differences between the SACE International programme and an Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)?

The Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) is a term used for Australian matriculations (Year 12). SACE International (formerly known as South Australian Matriculation) is one of them, and is administered by the SACE Board of South Australia, a statutory authority of the South Australian Government.

Is SACE International meant only for those who want to study in Australia?

The SACE qualification is internationally-recognised and students are accepted by renowned universities  worldwide. SAM/SACE International students have successfully gained admission into Australia (any state), New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, India, Singapore and Hong Kong, just to name a few. They also go on to pursue competitive degrees in Malaysia.

Who are the SACE International teachers in Taylor’s College?

Highly qualified full-time academic staff is employed to guide, mentor and facilitate the learning process to harness the fullest potential of the students in achieving their goals. The staff undergoes continuous professional development training by subject specialists from the SACE Board of South Australia and also join the professional development in Adelaide.

What is the difference between South Australian Matriculation (SAM) and SACE International?

The difference is only in the name. The change to SACE International took place middle of 2014. The  curriculum and the examination board remains the same. Students will sit for the SACE examination and receive the SACE Certificate of Education upon successful completion.

Why SACE International at Taylor’s?

SAM/SACE International at Taylor’s prepares you with the learning skills, lifelong skills and leadership skills that will develop you into a self-directed and independent learner with strong communication and collaborative skills.

Is SACE International all about classroom?

At Taylor’s, we believe learning also takes place outside the classroom. Various activities and projects are available for students to participate to help them grow to be more globalized in thinking and action. Some of the activities are such as community engagements with NGOs to reach out to the underprivileged, environmental awareness projects to promote conservation, trips and excursions, international competitions and many more. 

Is assistance provided to students in their admissions and applications to universities?

The University Placement Services (UPS) provides its services free of charge to all Taylor's students. The advisors ensure all students seeking guidance on tertiary studies whether overseas or locally, are well taken care of through guidance and assistance. University Placement Services (UPS) also offers a range of services such as Career Talks for students, information sessions with representatives from foreign universities, guest lectures, briefings on Student Visas and exhibitions.

What are the compulsory subjects for private college students?

All students are required to complete and pass the modules for graduation purposes.

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