Start It Right Programme: Get a headstart in your Pre-U journey.

The transition from secondary school to college can be challenging with a shift in learning environment and an increase in academic workload.

And if you’re not ready for this change, it could affect your grades.

To help you get your footing right, Start It Right (SIR) programme is designed to equip you with valuable fundamental skills such as logical reasoning skills, effective oral communication competencies and coping strategies as you transition into your pre-university journey. 

Important Info:

Programme Period: 
4 July - 5 August 2022

Method of Teaching:
Classes will be conducted to face-to-face

Limited seats available


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What's great about SIR?

SIR Programme provides you with the essential knowledge, skills and competencies necessary as you progress to first semester. Look forward to start your first semester with confidence as you'll be equipped with these key learning of:

  • Key programme-related concepts
  • Logical reasoning and argumentative skills
  • Effective oral communication skills
  • Self-regulation and coping strategies for pre-university
  • Essential skills and strategies for academic success

Eligible Programmes for SIR

Should you decide to pursue your studies at Taylor's College, here are the eligible programmes that lets you join SIR for free:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a fee required for this programme?

This complimentary programme is offered to CAL, SACEi and Foundation students who have registered and made full payment of first semester's fees, Programme date, time and details are subject to change at the discretion of Taylor's College.

Is this programme open to both local and international students?

Yes, it's open for both local & international students.

What are the entry requirements for this programme?

The entry requirements is based on individual programme, please check with our counselor.

Is there any exams or assessement needed for me to complete this programme?

No exams or assessment needed.

How does this programme benefit me?
  • You're much more prepared and confident about what lies ahead as you step into college.
  • You’ll get to enrol for Pre-U earlier which means you get to experience college life first hand, and adapt yourself with the concepts of college.
  • It’s a free class which means you’ll get additional guidance and education at no extra cost.
When is the closing date to sign up for this programme?

The closing date to sign up is on 8 July.