Hey Secondary Schoolers, you’re invited!

The Risers Race - our epic 1-week online competition starting 19 September. Test your wits and inspire your mind with fun workshops and mind-boggling quizzes.

Earn as many points as you can to win exciting prizes!


  1. Download The Risers App
  2. Participate in the activities
  3. Invite friends to join the race
  4. Earn points and stand to win prizes*


*T&C apply. Parental consent needed.
*Contest period:  19-23 September 2022


Grand Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

Consolation Prize



Learn and Unlearn - Powtoon Video Application
Join this free workshop with Taylor’s Senior Lecturer, Sukhminder Kaur and learn how to use Powtoon software to make professional videos, fun animations, and awesome presentations.
Next Level PowerPoint with Hanif Mislam
TikTok influencer Hanif Mislam is here to teach you PowerPoint tips and tricks so you can present your ideas clearly and keep listeners engaged and entertained! Together, we'll explore hidden features to transform presentations and impress your audience.
Cyberbullying & Social Media Fatigue: Facing Your Fears
Join our workshop that dives into the challenges teens struggle with today, be it social media fatigue, cyberbullying or peer pressure. Find out the causes, face your fears, and tackle them one by one with our psychology expert.
Doodle Art Workshop for Teens
Join us for a therapeutic after-study session where you can turn random patterns into meaningful art, practice affirmations, organise and visualise your thoughts, and explore new note-taking methods.
Dance Workout Workshop: Vibing with TikTok Songs
Join our workshop as we guide you to perform popular and trending dances step by step. Unload your stress, sweat, and have fun together with our passionate dancers from Taylor’s Lakeside Dance Club. Good vibes only.