Taylor's College provides a wide variety of social, recreational and professional activities to our students that spark creativity and pursue your passions, foster networking with our university communities, alumnus and external parties, or just to relax and unwind. Membership in any student club is open to all students.


Maximise your college experience! Join our growing list of clubs and societies including:

Taylor’s University Postgraduate Student Council (TUPSC)
Working towards creating a better university experience, this postgraduate student body will look into the welfare and engagement activities to create an integrated and connected community. Email:
Taylor’s University Student Council (TUSC)
Working towards improving student integration and the quality of campus life for students, this student body will look into inter-varsity collaborations, networking avenues and efforts of the Ministry of Education Malaysia at university level. Email:
Taylor's College Student Council (TCSC)
TCSC serves as the representative body for Taylor’s College students; dealing with matters pertaining to student welfare, rights and representation, while also organising and planning initiatives within the campus community to enhance campus vibrancy and promote integration among students. Email:
Orientation Leaders (OL)
Ensure you get a smooth transition as a freshmen with the OLs. They will educate freshmen and their parents of Taylor’s University’s resources, services, history, and traditions and actively participated in all orientation related activities. Email:
Shine Ambassadors
Advocating for the SHINE Award, participate in extracurricular involvement while positively and efficiently influencing and interacting with students. Email:
Provides students with Leadership, Experience and Opportunity both individually and collectively through social service activities. If you're interested, you may email to
Animal Welfare Society
Gathering all animal lovers! Here’s a community for you where animals are treated fairly and equally. Encourage young people to have better understanding and perception towards the lovable creatures. Email:
Community Service Initiatives (CSI) Volunteers
Grow your sense of volunteerism and social responsibility by making a difference in the lives of the community through various activities and events both locally and abroad. You are more than welcome to contact us via our email at or our Instagram @csitaylors !
Rotaract Club
With their motto "Fellowship Through Service", join them in giving back to the community through various adventures while making new friends along the way! Community service, self development and an experience you'll never regret, join their huge family by contacting or Instagram @rotaract.tlc
Nature Club
Increase students’ awareness on conserving the environment through nature related activities. If you're interested, you may email to:
Girl Up
Taylor’s Girl Up is a club under the United Nations Foundation that aims to create more awareness on issues surrounding girls through events, activities and fundraisers. Open to all. If you're interested, you may email to:
Debaters Club
A platform for passionate speakers to harness their debating skills while broadening their knowledge on various world issues. Join Taylor’s Debaters to get professionally coached, work with some of the best speakers Malaysia has to offer, and participate in multiple intervarsity debate competitions on a global scale! Send an email to or contact us via Instagram @taylorsdebaters to be a part of our Taylor’s Debaters Family! Our contingent looks forward to your participation.
Taylor's Lakeside Model United Nations (TLMUN)
Gain an insight into the United Nations, law, international relations, and public policy through simulations where members discuss and learn about global issues while representing countries and their policies at one of Malaysia’s most prestigious MUN clubs. Get a chance to participate in local and international conferences, where you can build your network and widen your horizons. Join TLMUN today to become a better public speaker, negotiator, and debater while expanding your worldview! Contact us at or Instagram @tlmun_club
Toastmasters Club
Helps students develop their communication, public speaking and leadership skills through simulations and public speaking. If you're interested, you may email to:
AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation and offers young people the opportunity to develop leadership through practical experiences in challenging global learning environment. If you are interested, email us at
Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship Club
To educate youths today of the value of entrepreneurship by giving them a platform to network, connect and develop an entrepreneurial mindset through various club activities. If you're interested, you may email to:
Agents of Tech
A diversified club that caters to competition preparation of national level hackathons, event organising, learning workshops and tech talks that explore technologies beyond educational institution syllabus. If you're interested, you may email to:
Bursa Young Investors Club
To create a trading community and raise financial literacy within the Taylor’s community, the club also assists members in securing highly competitive summer internships at pre-eminent financial institutions. If you're interested, you may email to:
Taylor's AKPK Club
We aim to provide education and financial literacy among youths and young adults within our varsity through financial sharing sessions and engaging activities. Be the master of your money, not the other way round! For more information, do email us at:
Dance Club
From contemporary dance to hip hop, break dance and so much more, be prepared to break some sweat and dance moves here. If you're interested, you may email to:
Music Club
Develop skills in singing and songwriting, network and collaborate with other musicians to create opportunities for workshops and other music inspired events. E-mail:
L.I.V.E Club
Stretch your vocals and your creativity! Established in 2016, the L.I.V.E Club is dedicated to Acapella enthusiasts to hone their skills. If you're interested, you may email to:
Taylor’s Society of Performing Arts (SPART)
Taylor’s Society of Performing Arts (SPART) is a society for young, aspiring people with stories to share. In SPART, we see performing arts as more than for the stage, just like our motto, Beyond Acting. We believe that performing arts itself is a journey of self-discovery and a channel of self-expression. Everyone has a unique voice, and a special story to share. Here, we want to give you the platform to find your voice, and be heard in your own authentic melodies. Find us on Instagram @sparttulc
Symphony Orchestra
A platform for students to perform and express themselves musically through collaborative learning, with other like-minded musicians. If you're interested, you may email to:
24 Festive Drums
Master this national cultural art form multiple times weekly and perform for events inside and outside Taylor’s. Email:
Flix Club
Come together and share your cultures and interests, make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Email:
ETC Magazine
Develop various skills related to magazine publication through tasks such as conducting interviews, covering campus news and snapping photos of events and other happenings around the campus. If you're interested, you may email to:
Photography Club
Have an eye for photography? Join the Photography Club to develop skills share your portfolio. If you're interested, you may email to:
Pre-Medical Society
Pre-Medical Society was established to give opportunities to non-medical students who are planning to pursue medicine in their future studies or those who are simply interested in the field of medicine. Our activities will encompass various medical related events that will give you a taste of life in most medical related professions.
Wine & Dine
Friends and Food? Life is good! Eat, Drink, Learn with our community as we appreciate and explore new places to eat and hangout. Interested? Email us at
Astronomical Society
Widen and deepen your astronomical knowledge while exposing yourself to professional and amateur astronomical organisations and clubs as well as the public within and outside of Malaysia. Email:
Taylor’s Barista Club
Taylor’s Barista Club was officially formed in 2020. This club is perfect for students from all walks of life to relax and talk about coffee. Email:
Buddhist Club
In collaboration with Fo Guang Shan temple, the club aims to incorporate the learning and teaching of Buddhism and hope to provide a safe path to self-discovery and spirituality for all students. If you're interested, you may email to:
Catholic Society
Established for Catholics to share their spirituality and support one another in their journey of faith through Catholic teaching. If you're interested, you may email to:
Christian Fellowship
A community for all Christian students to unite in the Gospel, grow under God's Word and be trained for His mission on campus. Looking to join us? Message us on Instagram @taylorscf!
Muslim Students' Association
For fellow Muslims to gather and share teachings in regards to the faith as well as clarify questions and misunderstandings about the religion. If you're interested, you may email to:
Anime Society
A club for anime lovers, the club is constantly organising events and activities to spread the Japanese Modern Visual culture and bring together people who share the same interest. E-mail:
Taylor's Cultural Art Performers (TRADISI)
The Taylor’s Cultural Arts Performers (TRADISI) is a strategic avenue for students to promote and learn the richness of the Malaysian culture through performing arts, particularly in the area of music and dance. Email:
Chinese Society
Taylor's Chinese Society was established with to celebrate and share Chinese virtues and traditions with the world. If you're interested, you may email to:
Indian Cultural Society
To celebrate and preserve traditions, culture, language and religion as well as establish a sense of community for anyone interested in Indian culture. If you're interested, you may email to:
By connecting people with similar interests and passion in the Hallyu wave, K-Gen goes all out in instilling K-Pop and Korean culture into all their campus related activities and events. If you're interested, you may email to:
Taylor’s Bollywood Dance Club
Taylors Bollywood Dance Club is a club that promotes its dance culture among Taylor’s students by providing high quality dance foundation for developing dancers. They also provide an opportunity for students in Taylor’s to enrich their mind, body and spirit and also to connect people of all ages deeply through dance.
Voila! Taylor’s Le French Club
Voilà! Taylor’s Le French Club is a club dedicated to cultural experiences and communicative skills for students’ personal or professional needs. In an intercultural environment, this club provides better insights for students to experience the French language, culture, and gastronomy. If you're interested, you may contact us at or Instagram @viola_lefrenchclub
African Society
A place for African students to fellowship and promote intercultural understanding through various activities. Email:
Bangladesh Society
A place for Bangladeshi students to fellowship and promote intercultural understanding through various activities. Email:
Indonesian Society
A place for lndonesian students to fellowship and promote intercultural understanding through various activities. E-mail:
Korean Society
A place for Korean students to fellowship and promote intercultural understanding through various activities. E-mail:;
Pakistani Society
A place for Pakistani students to fellowship and promote intercultural understanding through various activities. E-mail:
Dhivehi Association
A place for Maldivian students to fellowship and promote intercultural understanding through various activities.E-mail:
Taylor’s International Students Society
Taylor’s International Student Society is home to all International students studying in Taylor’s. By bringing all International students together we will create a strong community where every student of any nationality will be encouraged to showcase and celebrate their culture, ways of life, and norms with the Taylor’s community through different projects and events in efforts of promoting diversity. Email:
Dodgeball Club (Storm)
Taylor's Lakeside Storm is the official Dodgeball Club at Taylor's University and has become a major competing force since its founding year.
Netball Club
With top quality coaching and a fine pool of netballers, it's is the perfect place to improve your skills in a family friendly environment.
Volleyball Club
Come learn the sport in an environment where good sportsmanship and camaraderie is practiced.
Table Tennis Club
A place for enthusiasts to sharpen their skills, connect with like-minded people and participate in various competitions.
Tennis Club
Offers quality tennis training on court and off court as well as a platform for everyone to learn the game extensively.
Basketball Club
For basketball fanatics to further develop not only their basketball skills but also leadership skills.
Badminton Club
Encourages equal participation and strong value of badminton, such as teamwork and fair play within the members of the club.
Frisbee Club
Established in 2011 with the vision to promote and cultivate the sport on campus as well as build relationship amongst players.
Athletics Club
Come be a part of us if you have passion for track, cross-country and road running and get ready for some exciting training coming up.
Cricket Club
Discover one of the best training facilities with a top quality coaching and a fine pool of experienced players.
Football and Futsal Club
Get ready to hone your skills in the many friendly competitions organised within and among universities.
Rock Climbing Club
You'll never climb alone. Whether you are a new or seasoned climber, there's definitely something new to learn about this art.
Get to learn this Korean martial art that places emphasis on all forms of kicks.
Muay Thai Club
Master this "art of eight limbs" that originates from Thailand by learning the various aspects of punching, clinching and kicking.
Chess Club
Learn and improve your skills and get a chance to participate in tournaments.
Scuba Diving Club
Discover a whole new world and a plethora of marine life that will definitely be an eye-opening experience.
Sky Adventure Club
Formed in 2003 with the purpose of organising and experiencing different types of exhilarating outdoor activities as a group.
E-Sports Club
Delve into the world of virtual gaming and feel the thrill when it's done in a competitive setting.
Cheerleading Club
Join the fun of tumbling, stunting and dancing your way to a fitter and stronger you.


For more information about Taylor's Clubs and Societies, visit / contact us at: