Your Ultimate College Bucket List

Make unforgettable memories by trying out this college bucket list curated by The Risers’ ambassador, Shahmala! 

#1. Try something you’ve not done like scuba diving!


Whether it’s being a part of a student body, joining a special interest club, or a sports club, there are many clubs that can cater to your interest in college. It’s a chance for you to build your leadership skills and meet like-minded friends on the go.

Although club activities are conducted virtually during the pandemic, the online games and team bonding sessions are as fun as physical activities.


PS: At Taylor’s, there are over 70 clubs and societies at Taylor’s for you to pick from. We suggest you just flip a coin for it!

#2. Make money AND earn experiences!


Many students wait till the end of their college years to kickstart their internship. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. You could start your internship while still in college! This of course is subject to your schedule and availability as well as your potential employer. Besides an internship, you could also work part-time to gain some life skills and experiences. You may be surprised at what you’ll be learning from this invaluable experience and expand your horizon which may even change your life. 

PS: Can’t wait to get started on an internship or a job? :: Taylor’s SEEDS :: is an automated career portal to help you look for your dream career!

#3. Try out a sport you’ve always wanted!


Just because you weren’t active back in high school doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it another shot. Stepping out from school, you’ll realise that sports isn’t always about being competitive, but rather about having a good time. Plus, with all the stress from your assignments, sweating it out is a good way to release all the tension. 

Tips: Remember the super extra number of clubs at Taylor’s? Well, sports clubs are also covered. Badminton, scuba diving, rock climbing, karate — you name it, we’ve got it.

#4. Discover hidden gems in the city!


Regardless if you’re a local or an international student, there’ll always be novel places for you to check out. As a local, you might be surprised at how many places you didn’t even know existed. And if you’re new to the city, this a perfect opportunity for you to understand the local culture and history better! So, get out of campus, get insider tips from the local community, and check out little-known places. Don’t forget to devour some good ol’ local delicacies and try out various cuisines — the best spots are usually quaint and unassuming. 

Remember: Continue to maintain the SOPs such as keeping your masks on and practise social distancing!

#5. Go for a hike or picnic 


Basking in nature is another great way to relieve your stress. The tropical climate in Malaysia means that we’re surrounded by lush greeneries and beautiful mountains, beaches, and tourist spots. Simply Google ‘the best nature spots near me’ and make it your checklist. Invite a couple of friends and you’re set for a road trip right now!

#6. Host an event on campus 


Besides rushing for assignments, college is all about exploring different campus events. You’ll miss the hallmark of college life if you don’t participate in any of the arrays of campus events conducted throughout the year such as campus bazaars, carnivals, music festivals, and much more! 

Tip: As a Taylorian, you’ll have opportunities to be involved in campus activities. You could star in a video, podcast or even write for our website — just keep your eyes peeled for the call outs by following our social media!

#7. Find out where the ducks go to when they're not on the lake 


We tend to spend most of our time going back and forth to lecture theatres, classrooms, cafes, and forget about the cool places on campus. Why not hit the gym and join a class, have a friendly match at the sports complex, visit the library’s theatre, or chill at the walkways? Explore the ground and you might even find a picture-perfect spot at the campus for your Instagram feed.  

Tip: Got a last-minute assignment you’re working on and can’t seem to focus on? Why not pull an all-nighter at Taylor’s study room — it’s open 24 hours!

#8. Get a lecturer to be your reference for future jobs 


The key to breezing through college life is also to have good relations with everyone around you — including your lecturers. They could be the key to your success and provide you insightful tips for your assignments or acing your subjects. No, we’re not telling you to be fake. Be genuine and just try not to get on their bad side — who knows they may give you a good reference in the future.

#9. Glam up your study space or dorm 


Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in this space to study and probably stress about your rushed assignment, why not spruce up your space to make it livelier and still conducive to keep you motivated! You can always get some interior design inspo from Pinterest!

We hope this list is enough to help you get started with living your best college life and make the most out of it. Have fun and don’t forget to tag us @mytaylorscollege on Instagram should you try out any of these tips! 

Taylor’s Sports scholar, Shahmala is a passionate karate athlete and a math whiz with big dreams to inspire everyone. She’s now a Taylor's University alumni who pursued a Bachelor in Actuarial Studies.

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