Your MBTI Compatibility Which Is Yours

Which personality type do you think you should vibe with? Find out below!

Have you ever seen that TikTok video where two friends have such contradicting personalities yet they vibe well with each other? While many contradicting personalities tend to attract each other like magnets, personality typing could potentially create better friendships (and relationships). Perhaps, after knowing which MBTI personality your ideal type is, you could skip the dawn of disappointment after meeting the ‘Shawn Mendes’ your friend introduced you to (apparently he’s an ISFJ), both in the potential ‘Shawn Mendes’ and your friend.

If you’ve no idea what MBTI is about altogether, I’ve got your back with an article prior to this to help you identify which MBTI you are and what they actually mean! 

In all seriousness, basing one’s personality type alone is a horrible way to find your best friend as there might be certain individual qualities that make one much more or less compatible for you (Did she really just say that?). While this article cannot formulate the perfect friend for you, it introduces you to all the fishes in the sea (you’re welcome) for you to decide which matches your vibe.

#1. Quality time and private conversations


Imagine sitting down with your friend in a cosy room talking about things you love, experiences you’ve had, and having internal jokes that make no sense at all, accompanied by chuckles and conversations. If you like the idea of this, you might resonate with an INFJ (Advocate), INFP (Mediator), or an ISFP (Adventurer). 

These imaginative introverts enjoy venturing into life in somewhat reserved ways. While they don't typically have vigorous social habits, these personalities are willing to focus their attention on a smaller group of people. With their open curiosity about the world around them, you can expect them to be curious about yourself as an individual and one that’s willing to listen to all you have to rant about.

Two individuals having a conversation over coffee

#2. Order to chaos


Want a life with a friend who makes your crazy plans come true and is driven to make you feel like nothing is impossible? You might find it exciting to meet an ENTJ (Commander) and/or an ESTJ (Executive). These individuals are driven and resolutes their energy to joyful pursuits (you)! 

Hanging out with these individuals can feel chaotic (in a fun manner) as you’re often caught doing some form of activity, yet you never find yourself stuck in traffic or in disappointment that the amusement park is closed. Why? These individuals got it all planned out, that's why! They radiate a sense of assurance as a friend, and you can trust that their efforts will bring you a wonderful day without the compromise of warmth and insanity (in a good way)!

Two individuals standing in front of a mountain

#3. Acts of service


If you appreciate being taken care of and the feeling of inclusivity, you will enjoy the company of an ISFJ (Defender), ENFJ (Protagonist), or ESFJ (Consul). These individuals treasure human bonds and are all about creating a sense of community. Expect them to lavish that principle on you and the people around them too! 

Perhaps the reason these individuals make people around them feel safe and welcomed is the sense of stability and continuity they radiate. They are great decision-makers and ensure each decision benefits both their pride in decision-making and the people they appreciate (including what to eat).

A group of people enjoying their time together

#4. Perfection with precision


If you love the idea of perfecting things, or strive to do so, an INTJ (Architect) or ISTJ (Logistician) might push you to be your best self.

These individuals aim for perfection in the things they do, including friendships! 

To achieve such precision, you can expect them to take a longer time to warm up to you. But once they do, expect loyalty in a different league with a powerful sense of will!

A group of students looking at someone with a laptop

#5. Curious experimentation


If you love experimenting without losing the sense of rationality, a friend with a mind open wide enough to not let the brain fall out would fit you perfectly. Get ready to have some fun with an INTP (Logician) or an ISTP (Virtuoso)! 

These free-spirits are all about calculated risks. Their passion in executing something crazy and out of the world, yet oddly (but not surprisingly) logical.

Two individuals holding test tubes in their hands

#6. A rollercoaster ride


Have you heard of the song ‘Perfect’ by One Direction. Specifically the lyrics that goes: ‘If you like midnight driving with the windows down, and if you like going places we can't even pronounce. If you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about. Baby, I’m perfect for you’. Well, an ESTP (Entertainer), ENFP (Campaigner), ESTP (Entrepreneur), or an ENTP (Debater) would be serenading you with those lines. 

These individuals are up for spontaneous adventures and are what we call the ‘onz’ people! The best thing is that the fun is doubled if they’ve someone special to share it with, so they’re often very socially open. So hop in, buckle up, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride with them!

A group of students going on a car ride

Did any of that sound like your bestie? Personally, I’d like mine mixed with all 5 of the traits above. On a serious note, the above is a generalised direction and not one you should limit yourself to. It takes much more than a compatible personality to establish a strong and healthy friendship, but compatible personalities could definitely be a headstart!

Heng Jui Ching, also known as Ching, is currently pursuing a Foundation in Natural and Built Environments at Taylor's College. She is also the President of TCSC, and a Finance Director in RACTLC.

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