Why Is a Degree Important?

Everyone has their own paths to lead in life. Some may begin to work at an early age while some get to pursue their dreams through tertiary education. And some others may already have careers going along with our academia at the same time. However, a solid education certificate has always played a long term role in getting a stable job, and if already working, a solid foundation and background to fall back on. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to pursue my tertiary education despite already establishing a music career as I believe getting a Bachelor's Degree is as important in this day and age as ever.

One of the most important factors of employability and getting job offers is to have a strong portfolio that can be showcased to your clients and employers. A Bachelor’s Degree certification is certainly an important addition to one's portfolio, as it echoes a strong understanding of important skills and experience you have to the employer. 

A properly saturated portfolio or resume will serve as an intermediary between you and your employer, enabling them to view your achievements and evaluate you with the information embedded. For example, by carrying out projects relevant to the companies you’re interested in or even serving internships during your degree, will help boost your credibility.

Additionally, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree will equip you with new industry-standard skills with regards to the career path you have chosen. It is very important to have knowledge in all branches of the career you choose. For example, you will learn skills such as graphic designing, video editing and production as well as marketing when you take a Mass Communication programme.

 Solid skills like these play a huge role after graduation, and graduates can further sharpen them during employment. I learned a lot about the media and communication industry in my studies and through the skills obtained, apply them to my music career too.

The best part about obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree is being able to network and get to know people from all walks of life. Meeting new people and connecting with them is crucial to develop a career after degree. Who knows, in the long run, you might even work together. For example, making friends with other degree programme students can go a long way if an opportunity strikes for collaboration with the respective fields. 

Friends can also be business partners, and a university is a great platform to network in. I managed to get many friends from Taylor’s University like The Risers’ ambassador, Jasmine to come for my performances and got to know even more mutual friends that eventually became supporters of my music career.

With that, a Bachelor’s Degree is important to hone and equip students to be ready for the working world, especially if they do not have prior experience. It is crucial to be employment-ready and set to take on challenges at work once you graduate. From then on, creativity will be the essence of work-life, as you will generate new ideas as you progress in your career. I definitely believe that my decision to pursue a Bachelor's Degree will prove to be fruitful later in life.

Outspoken and talented, Yusef Kifah is an electronic music artist and student, growing his own brand. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication (Advertising).