What Your Sleep Positions Say About Your Personality

Did you know that your sleep positions can determine your personality? Read to find out what does your sleeping position say about you!

Have you ever woken up in an awkward position and mentally screamed at yourself for that?

“Oh no, how did I end up sleeping this way?! I’m going to have another roller-coaster ride of neck and back pains.”

Truth to be told, I’ve experienced this numerous times and sometimes I’d even end up with neck or back pain for days because of how I slept. 

Well not only could incorrect sleeping positions lead to neck or back pain, it may also obstruct the airways to your lungs which would later lead to problems like obstructive sleep apnea. Some research even suggest that sleeping in the wrong position may cause toxins to filter out of your brain more slowly.

Besides knowing how you sleep, has it ever struck you that your sleeping position could also say something about your personality? What’s even more intriguing is that your sleeping position is a way of communicating with you. 

Read on to find out what your sleeping positions say about you and how you can maintain good sleeping postures for a good night’s sleep so that your zzzz’s aren’t disrupted which may affect both your physical and mental health.

1. Sleeping Position: The Starfish


The Starfish Sleeping Position

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Starfish sleepers usually sleep on their back with their hands and legs spread out — taking up all their bed space. But this sleeping position sometimes may cause or worsen lower back pain. Therefore, to reduce any pains when you’re awake, try putting a pillow below your knees for a healthier sleep and reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve to prevent sciatica.


People who sleep in this position are usually outgoing and friendly. All the good qualities can be found in them which make them great friends. Not only will they be there for you if you’re in any trouble, they’ll also listen to your worries as they’re deemed as great listeners. However, they don’t enjoy getting attention, which makes them introverts and explains why they’re a great listener among their friends. 

Tip: If you spend the whole day sitting in front of a computer, this sleeping position could help you relax your muscle.

2. Sleeping Position: The Fetal Position


One of the most common sleeping positions among people, these sleepers tend to curl up on their right or left side when they’re sleeping. Most sleepers in the position have one common trait: the tendency to pull their knees whenever they’re on their sides. 


Fetal sleepers are usually self-protective. As seen when they’re sleeping, they curl up on their sides which reveals a timid personality. Although this may seem like they’re a harsh or cold person, once you break their walls and get to know them better, they’re a shy and kind person who could melt your heart away. 

Tip: If you’re suffering from stomach issues or acid reflux, this sleeping position may be comfortable for you. Putting a pillow in between your knees while you’re sleeping may help you position yourself correctly and sleep comfortably without straining your hips too much.

3. Sleeping Position: The Stargazer


The Stargazer Sleeping Position

Image source: Jose Luis Pelaez

Sleepers in this position sleep with their arms behind their head while lying flat on their back as if they’re stargazing the beautiful night sky. This position is also popular among people who don’t have difficulty waking up early and are highly active, also known as ‘power nappers’.  


Those who sleep in this position are usually very artistic and creative. They’re more of a ‘big picture’ thinker and optimistic about what life has for them. Once you get to know them better and befriend them, you’ll realise they’re loyal and always helpful to people around them as they always prioritise them. 

Tip: You may opt to sleep in this position if you’ve problems with your shoulders and elbows as it can help reduce the joints' pain and stiffness.

4. Sleeping Position: The Pillow Hugger


The Pillow Hugger Sleeping Position

They must like hugging people and sharing their warmth that they even need a pillow to hug when they’re asleep. Yeap! They’re the pillow hugging sleepers! They usually sleep on their side curled up while enjoying their sleep hugging a pillow. They often have their limbs around the pillow one way or another in whatever position they may feel comfortable in. Sometimes, sleepers in this position may sleep in a fetal position while hugging their pillows, whereas some may stretch out their legs while clutching to their pillow in a cuddling manner.


Judging by their sleeping position, we could already take a guess what kind of person they usually are. And whatever you’re thinking now is right! They’re a very lovable person who always spread their warmth to others. With the nurturing and caring nature towards others, people are constantly under good care in their hands. 

Tip: If you’re feeling tense or anxious, sleeping in this manner may provide you with the emotional and physical comfort of not being alone.

5. Sleeping Position: The Stomach Sleeper


The Stomach Sleeper Sleeping Position

Did you know that stomach sleeping is one of the most unique sleeping positions? Sleepers in this position tend to have their stomach lying flat on their bed while their heads face the side. They’re also sometimes known as a skydiver, as some of them may wrap their arms while sleeping or use their arms as a pillow. 

However, sleeping on your stomach may bring some health issues as it can create strains in your neck and back which may affect your sleeping quality, although it’s said to reduce snoring. Thus, it’s best if you can switch to a different sleeping position that wouldn’t affect your spinal alignment


Stomach sleepers are usually bold as they’re known as risk-takers and are very outgoing. However, sometimes you may find them stubborn in doing certain things but let’s not judge them because no one’s truly perfect. 

Tip: It’s okay to sleep in this position once in a while if you tend to have back problems as it helps relieve the soreness in the spine. However, do use a thin pillow to avoid straining the neck which may cause stiffness the following day.

6. Sleeping Position: The Soldier Snoozer


The Soldier Sleeping Position

Well, the name says it all. Soldier snoozers sleep on their back with their arms side by side, which is very much like a soldier. Sometimes, their arms spread slightly, which may look similar to the yoga corpse pose. Note for a person with sleep apnea, this position may be dangerous as it pulls the tongue backwards. 


As you may guess, soldier snoozers are usually disciplined with themselves and have high standards of perfection towards everything. Don’t let that intimidate you because they are, however, quite a calm and affectionate person especially towards their close ones .

Tip: To those having a hard time relaxing to fall asleep, you may try to sleep in this position.  Sleeping this way also has medical benefits such as healthy spine alignment and reduce cervical problems. So, do try to sleep in this position occasionally!

7. Sleeping Position: The Yearner


THE YEARNERS! Well, they’re pretty similar to the fetal position and pillow hugger position, with some slight difference if attention is paid to the position. They usually lie on their side with their arms outstretched as if they’re grasping for something out of their reach.  


Sleeping in this position usually indicates that they’re both open-minded and stubborn with their decisions. Besides that, they’re typically more pessimistic and are always suspicious about their surrounding. 

Tip: This is another suitable position to sleep in if you’re having a hard time positioning yourself to sleep as it’ll allow your spine and joints to settle into their natural lines.

Did you identify your sleeping positions? Do you relate to the personalities ascribed to each position? Well, if you do, now you know more about yourself! If you don’t, it’s okay too cause this may not be entirely true nor is it entirely wrong. It’s merely a fun way to study a person’s personality. 

To anyone having trouble sleeping lately, I hope the tips mentioned will help you optimise your sleeping quality. And remember to always get enough sleep otherwise you may even risk death *gasp*. Happy sleeping!

Sonia Rachel is currently pursuing Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in International Relations at Taylor's University. She is also a committee member of Taylor’s University Student Council.

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