What Are You Doing This Parents' Day?

We all know about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you know there’s also Parent’s Day? 

Well, Parents’ Day is, of course, celebrated to acknowledge and appreciate our parents’ hardship and sacrifice. It normally falls on the fourth Sunday of July — this year, it falls on 25 July! Regardless of whether we’re staying or living apart from our family, there are many ways in which we can make them feel special. If you haven’t any ideas on what to do, here are some simple ways for us to express our gratitude towards our parents who have loved, cared and supported us throughout our lives.

#1. Words of affirmation


The best part about showing gratitude is that it doesn’t have to be something bought. What matters most is that it comes sincerely from you. A simple word of appreciation expressed to our parents would definitely warm their hearts and make them feel appreciated and cared for. 

As we go through online classes and are drowning in assignments, we sometimes forget to do the simplest thing — saying the 3-letter word. However, I understand that every parent-child relationship is different. While some might find it easy to express the “I Love You” and “Thank You”,  others might find it a challenge to say it out loud. Good thing is, we live in the age of tech so you can easily do a voice recording (after practising several times) or even a video if you’re feeling brave. Otherwise, if you’re still too shy to do that, you could simply write down the message (on paper or WhatsApp works) and send it to them!

#2. Appreciation gift


Though we’d like to think that we’re the greatest gifts for our parents, it’s okay to spoil them once in a while. If you have the means to, you can certainly prepare a customised gift (like personalised cushion covers which they can use to remind them of your undying love), or give them something practical you know they have run out of or would need (like a pack of batteries or lightbulbs). 

But who says it has to be a physical item? An act of service counts too! And that could probably mean working on all the chores without them having to nag at you for once. Your gift could be anything, so don’t limit your creative thoughts and just go with whatever feels right. While you’re preparing it, make sure that it’s within your capability and start with an idea, purpose, or value from doing/getting it.

Warning: You might be returned with a “Don’t waste money lah” comment should you decide to give a present.

#3. Quality time


If you don’t have the means to do #2, no worries. You’ve got another option. If there’s one thing that we can take away from recent events, it’s that time is short and we should spend as much time as we can with the people we love

When was the last time you’ve spent quality time with your parents without the distraction from your phone, assignments, or anything else? This Parents’ Day, you could set aside your tasks (even if it’s just for an hour or two) and be present with them in the moment. Use this valuable time to hang around with your family by having a family meal together, enjoy their favourite leisure activities, or even just have a casual talk with them. If you’re far away, there’s always virtual platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to help — so there’s no excuse!  Most importantly, we should try to listen to their hopes and wishes and try our best to grant them if possible.

If you’re trying this for the first time, know that nothing is easy the first time but hey, none of us are perfect.  But our parents have given their best to keep us safe, happy, healthy, and shape a bright future for us. They’ve always been the backbone of the family and are always there to support and listen to us. It’s time we do the same. 

And hey, by parents, we don’t just mean your father and mother, but also those who are like parent figures to us whether they’re your grandparents, guardians, or even your siblings.

So take the chance and celebrate this upcoming Parents’ Day with your family to appreciate and honour them. Time is precious as are our parents. Wishing you a good time with your family!

Emma Chee Luo Yi has recently graduated from her A Levels Programme at Taylor's College. She is also Vice President of Academics in Taylor’s Lakeside Model United Nations club, and the Head of Marketing for TEDxTaylorsUniversity.



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