Throwback to A Year Filled with Reflection, Grit and Perseverance

In recent years, there have been news articles and survey findings reporting the lack of soft skills among fresh graduates in Malaysia – and also opinions that the same youths lack the initiative for self-improvement and voluntary learning. Over the last twenty to thirty years, it has become apparent that the role of soft skills in determining career success is more important than previously thought. 

At Taylor’s College, the spirit of education is where one celebrate the knowledge that students acquire and create, the individual person that they develop into, and where we always look forward to the exciting potential that these students will be able offer to the world out there. Over the past 47 years, the college has always strived to work to bring the best out of a student, helping them achieve career success and make an impact in life. We believe in giving students a holistic education, where each student will be able to discover their strengths and passion, and bring out the best in themselves. 

The strength of the college’s foundations and its pioneering spirit has never been more profound. As the year of 2016 comes to a close, we look back at the adventurous spirit of our students and the commitment made to distinguish the quality of Taylor’s College’s mission in educating the youth of the world to take their place in the productive community. 



For the first time, Taylor’s College hosted the Asia Pacific Model United Nations Conference (AMUNC) 2016. The 22nd session of the annual event and the first to be held outside the Australasian region, was one of the largest regional model United Nations conferences in the world, which saw approximately 500 delegates comprising tertiary students from Asia, the Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand. The organising team which fully consisted of student volunteers, made AMUNC 2016 a perfect real-world opportunity for the aspiring leaders among Taylor’s College students to apply the learning skills, life skills and leadership skills that we cultivate in our students. 

Taylor’s College organising committees and student volunteers for AMUNC

Service-Learning Projects

In a world that is increasingly complex, Taylor’s College has always encouraged students to act as leaders who are aware of the wider world and their own role as global citizens. This was achieved by exposing their views on a number of significant and important issues such as children literacy and education for the underprivileged, as well as refugees. We also appreciate that our students have reached out and helped out on these difficult issues that deserves attention. Through events, workshops, discussions – such as The Make A Difference United (MADU) program, which have been helping the underprivileged and less fortunate through education, sports and social engagement; and service learning by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students to help underprivileged children in Cambodia - will advance understanding of our differences and prepare students for citizenship in a global and diverse world.

MADU programme collaborated with Malaysian Relief Agency (MRA) to have students educate Rohinya refugee children on the subject of Mathematics.

Introduction of MICPA-CAANZ Programme

In expanding our educational portfolio and meeting professionals demands in Malaysia, we also launched another opportunity for professional learning. Through the MICPA-CAANZ programme, students can now undertake a full-fledged international accounting course that has programmes and modules almost identical to that offered by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Upon completion of the programme, graduates will obtain two professional qualifications, that is Certified Public Accountant (in Malaysia) and Chartered Accountant (in Australia and New Zealand).

As a college that has been renowned for its excellence in international pre-university education, we have always strived to expand our reputation and educational portfolio to meet the demands of the changing business environment. With this exciting programme, we aim to produce world-class accountants while improving the quality of the nation’s accounting standards.

The memorandum of agreement was signed between Mr Craig Sherrin, President of Taylor’s College and Dato’ Abdul Rauf Rashid, President of MICPA.

MyQuest Ratings

Taylor’s College has always maintained its excellent track record in both academic and services through various prestigious awards. As we look back at the year several students from the different programmes who have achieved academic excellence and award.

As a college, Taylor’s College received 6 Stars in the MYQUEST rating by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, in recognition for excellence, approach and quality in private tertiary education. Taylor’s College maintained its top ranking by being the only private college awarded the 6 Stars Outstanding rating for all of its campuses since 2010.

Every year we strive to make it an approachable and conducive environment for students to excel. At Taylor’s College, we implement various integration programmes for students to ensure that they garner the right opportunities to enhance their leadership and life learning skills. With a pro-active and highly efficient quality management system in place, we are able to continuously improve our approach and quality to achieve outstanding ratings.

Taylor’s College Academic Director, Mrs. Hoe-Khoo Li Lin receiving the MyQuest certificates for 6 Stars for Overall College-Based Rating, Cluster-Based Rating (General Programmes) and for International Student Services.

As both pioneer and current leader in the field of pre-university studies in Malaysia, Taylor’s College takes serious responsibility in giving our students the best head start to their future. The importance of providing the right start in quality learning, strong student support and placing students in the university of their choice cannot be overstated. The efforts of generations of faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and friends have built a lasting foundation. The commitment in academic excellence and personal development envisioned when it first started will continue to do the work of the future.