Taylor’s College Students Celebrate Outstanding Academic Results

Students’ record-breaking achievement maintains Taylor’s track record of excellence among SACE International students. 

Taylor’s College once again produced a crop of top students when it kicked off 2016 on a high note with the graduation of 515 South Australian Matriculation (SAM/SACE International) students. Based on the 2015 examination results, Taylor’s College maintained its consistent leading record of producing pre-university graduates with the best academic results in Malaysia.

Among the SAM/SACE International students, Baldeep Kaur Balbinder Singh achieved an ATAR of 99.90% throughout the entire SACE International Programme for 2015 – making her the highest achieving SACE International scholar in Malaysia and regions outside Australia. In recognition of her achievement, she received the SACE International Highest Achiever Award, the only scholar in Malaysia thus recognised in 2015. This year, out of 38 merits awarded to SACE International students, 33 went to a total of 23 Taylor’s College students, equivalent to 86% of the total merits awarded.

Baldeep Kaur Balbinder Singh awarded the highest achieving SACE International Student Achiever Award from Daniel Tan Tiong Hok, Group Chief Learning Officer, Taylor’s Education Group.

“SACE International was truly an eye-opening experience for me. SAM gave us a deeper understanding on each subject by showing us its real-world applications and interpretations. The assignments gave us the independence to explore what we learnt in depth. It was further enriched by the capable teachers who gave us proper guidance and also freedom to make mistakes while learning. Thanks to their meticulous guidance, I am now able to further hone my skills and knowledge in the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Melbourne,” shared Baldeep.

The SAM/SACE International programme comprises 70 per cent college-based assessment, and 30 per cent external final examination, which is set, marked and moderated by the SACE exam board in Australia. It is the most popular Australian-based Pre-University programme in Malaysia, opening doors for its students to enter top universities around the world including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

Students honoured at the South Australian Matriculation/SACE International awards ceremony by the faculty (from left to right: Mrs. Quek - Lai Cheng See, Principal, South Australian Matriculation/SACE International, Mrs. Stella Lau Kah Wai, Chief Operating Officer of Taylor's College, Mrs. Hoe - Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director, Taylor's College and Mr. Anandakumaresh Ratnasingam, Campus Director, Taylor's College Sri Hartamas).

“We are very proud of our students’ achievement, and we are confident that they will all go on to reach even greater heights of achievement. Their success is testament to the Taylor’s education philosophy and motivates us to continue outdoing ourselves in providing students with world-class, innovative programmes in a holistic learning environment,” said Stella Lau, Chief Operating Officer of Taylor’s College.

“We will continue to focus on enabling students to discover and develop their interests and potential, to help them succeed in their university education and career, and in life. Ultimately, Taylor’s College philosophy is to provide strong academic and co-curricular guidance to all students to encourage confidence and open-mindedness, and to develop well-rounded leaders in a productive global community,” she added.

The success of Taylor’s SAM programme is a testament to its education philosophy which emphasises world-class and innovative programmes through a holistic learning environment. Taylor’s College imparts the 3Ls (Learning, Leadership and Life Skills) to all students, and also hones the 5Cs (collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving, communication, creativity and innovation and cultural adaptation) in them, to ensure they are ready to face the competition at the world’s top universities and in the workplace, besides overcoming life challenges.

The SAM/SACE International awards ceremony was held on 16 January 2016 with Chief Executive SACE Board of South Australia, Dr. Neil McGoran as Guest of Honor.

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