Taylor's College Students Bags Gold in Maths and Chemistry Competitions

35 students from Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas were recognised as top scorers in a series of nationwide Math and Chemistry competitions.

It is of the opinion of some that Math and Chemistry are two of the toughest subjects to ace. Imagine trying to remember all the formulas to work out an equation that makes sense only Mathematically. Or the names of various acids and alkalis, formulas to create a chemical solution or even the periodic table of elements for that matter! Imagine the nerve-racking moment of trying to solve questions that test your memory recall and push your mind to its limit in finding creative, fast ways to a solution, on clock time. Well, hand it to the "wizzes" of Math and Chemistry – the students of Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, who dared to enter not just one but several Math and Chemistry competitions nationally and internationally – and aced with flying colours.

These students have proven that when the going gets tough, they get the tough going when they came out tops in several Math and Chemistry competitions which took place in 2016. These competitions are the National Chemistry Quiz (NCQ), Australian National Chemistry Quiz (ANCQ), Euclid Mathematics Competition, Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), and Kangaroo Math Competition.

At the Awards Ceremony on 9 November 2016, these students were presented with certificates of accomplishment in an event that saw cheer and a rousing applause for their achievements from the student participants themselves, their classmates and teachers. Ms. Rowena Valberg, Assistant Principal of Taylor's College Sri Hartamas, addressed the students with admiration, before presenting the certificates.

She said, "We commemorate your success today. It is a pivotal part of the growing process to be able to participate in such highly recognised competitions, and to win them. I hope that throughout your journey of education from Taylor's College to the university of your choice, you will continue to challenge yourselves by competing in high-level competitions and aiming to win each time."

Tan Zhi Hao, 19, a Cambridge A-Levels student, emerged as the top achiever in the Chemistry competitions, having attained a 100% all-correct high distinction in the NCQ and ANCQ. He said, "I'm very happy about this. Our teacher encouraged us to participate in the competition, and I thought, why not? There was a lot of time spent in studying and practising too but I'm glad it paid off."

Meanwhile, Siew Rui-Xian, 18, a student in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, came out as the top achiever with a gold medal in the Kangaroo Math Competition, highest score in the Euclid Mathematics Competition, and a high distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition. "I'm thankful for the support that I received from my teachers and classmates. It was definitely worth it entering these competitions and winning this."

While Zhi Hao and Rui-Xian came out best of the best, others students too celebrated their achievements, with distinctions and gold to bronze medals from each competition. And they would agree that it gives a feeling of satisfaction to be able to challenge yourself and see how far one can go. To students out there thinking of entering a Math or Chemistry competition, here is what some of the winners have to say:

"If you have passion for Chemistry, you should definitely try it out! It is a very interesting challenge, and at the same time you're also revising the topics you learn."
Sivaneesha Kalithasan, 18, IB student

"Enter it as a part of your learning process. Even if you fail, it doesn't mean you can't try again."
Muhammad Azri Faiz, 19, Cambridge A-Level student

"It can be really fun if you love Math and this competition can really challenge your knowledge. Plus, you're competing with so many others internationally. Not easy, but not impossible!"
Gerald Ko, 18, IB student

Here is the list of the students who achieved distinctions and higher in each competition:

National Chemistry Quiz
1 Ong Wei Qiao Distinction
2 Siew Rui Xian Distinction
3 Muhammad Azri Faiz abd Zak Distinction
4 Tan Zhi Hao Distinction
5 Chan Xie Wing Distinction
6 Yoong Yi Kee Distinction
7 Felicia Ho Kuan Yee Distinction
8 Jeong Eui Yeon Distinction
Australian National Chemistry Quiz
1 Tan Zhi Hao High Distinction Excellence
2 Abd Zaki Muhammad Azri High Distinction
3 Aftab Usman Osama High Distinction
4 Chan Xie Wing High Distinction
5 Cheu Brendan High Distinction
6 Sivanessha Kalithasan High Distinction
7 Gerald Ko High Distinction
8 Ong Wei Qiao High Distinction
9 Tan En Guan High Distinction
10 Yoong Yi Kee High Distinction
11 William Ng Distinction
12 Pang Michiko Distinction
13 Ten Sook Yan Distinction
14 Wong Sin Yee Distinction
15 Yumni Zata Distinction
Euclid Mathematics Contest
1 Siew Rui-Xian Distinction
2 Goh Jun Long Distinction
3 Gerald Ko Ying Hang Distinction
4 Chay Jian Ann Distinction
Australian Mathematics Competition
1 Siew Rui-Xian High Distinction
2 Choi Sang Ho Distinction
3 Gerald Ko Ying Hang Distinction
4 Goh Jun Long Distinction
5 Lai Cai Xuan Distinction
6 Sim Xiao Qian Distinction
7 Tang Yan Yang Distinction
Kangaroo Mathematics Competition
1 Siew Rui-Xian Gold
2 Goh Jun Long Gold
3 Gerald Ko Ying Hang Gold
4 Lim Joe Jing Silver
5 Dana Moh Yu Qian Silver
6 Lai Cai Xuan Silver
7 Tan Dick Yee Bronze
8 Thivytra Mohanadas Bronze
9 Hanisah Binti Hilmi Bronze
Olympiad Mathematics Competition
1 Siew Rui-Xian 3rd (National Level)
2 Goh Jun Long Distinction