Taylor’s College Lauds Outstanding Performance of 69th Canadian Pre-University Graduation Students

A total of 92 graduates from Taylor’s College Canadian Pre-University programme have reason to be proud as they garnered an outstanding 98.7% average pass rate in all subjects taken during the course. This impressive figure upholds the proud academic tradition of the CPU programme which incorporates an innovative approach that combines ongoing assessments, coursework and extra-curricular activities with an emphasis on community service to produce a well-rounded, holistic individual who has the essential academic and social skills to succeed in life.

The latest batch of students to graduate from the Canadian Pre-University (CPU) course at Taylor’s College embraced a long-standing tradition that has held true since the establishment of the programme in 1983. The 69th graduation ceremony of the Canadian Pre-University programme saw the graduates each filing up to the stage to receive their completion certificates before they gathered together afterwards to each light a candle to symbolise the beginning of their next step in life and the gaining of the light of knowledge.

“The Canadian Pre-University programme embraces the core philosophy of Taylor’s College which is to mould the next generation of our youth into productive members of society by imparting the core aspects of the 5Cs,” said Craig Arden Sherrin, President of Taylor’s College who officiated the graduation ceremony.

“The 5Cs consist of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Cultural Adaption, Collaboration and Creativity and Innovation. The Canadian Pre-University programme’s combination of both examination and coursework based assessment also helps equip students for success in life by imparting the 3Ls: the right Learning Skills, the proper Life Skills and Leadership Skills.”

While every student graduated with flying colours, several excelled above and beyond their peers. Graduand, Claudia Michael Chai Jo Ee who had the best overall academic and community service assessments as well as the popular student vote by her peers took the stage to receive her Valedictorian award.

She spoke positively of her time at Taylor’s College. “I chose Taylor’s College based on strong recommendations about the CPU programme and positive learning environment here. I learned a lot here especially about the value of integrity and listening to others when performing community service and as Class President of the student body. My favourite aspect of CPU is that it enabled me to meet truly world class people from the world over and gave me a true sense of fulfillment when I actively contributed towards helping other people as part of my community service aspect of the course. You truly feel a sense of completeness when you help other people.”

Natalie Chiang Jia Ling

Natalie Chiang Jia Ling, who was conferred the Leadership Award in recognition for obtaining the highest scores for performing community service as part of her CPU programme said, “My family felt extremely proud and happy when I received the award. I was originally a very shy person so I was quite surprised I got the award but I am very grateful for it.” An active contributor to the community, she plays a leading role in the Everyone Has Hope club which helps to give a voice to underprivileged refugees who have sought refuge in Malaysia.

“I have a passion to help people and to challenge myself. Taylor’s College and the CPU programme gave me the opportunity to do so and made me a better person with more confidence in myself. I also have a sense of satisfaction in contributing back to the community. Seeing a smile on these young refugees when we help them to move on with their lives is the most rewarding feeling of all.” On account of her experiences at CPU, Natalie plans to further her studies at Taylor’s University where she aims to take a degree in Education.

Amanda Chin Yih Tyng

The winner of the President’s Award, Amanda Chin Yih Tyng was also honoured for her exceptional academic achievements as she acquired the best average score out of the entire 67th graduating class of the Canadian Pre-University programme. “I selected the CPU programme based on a strong recommendation of a senior who completed the programme.

He talked about the unique excellent academic environment, the tightknit smaller class sizes and the camaraderie and I was keen to experience it myself. What I loved the most about CPU is the combined assignment and exam based aspect of the course that constantly keeps you on your toes to excel. The academic staffs were excellent as well and very approachable if you need help or advice. That’s honestly something you don’t get anywhere. The programme truly surpassed my expectations.” Amanda aims to further her studies overseas with a degree in Languages.

Taylor’s College is the pioneer in Canadian Pre-University (CPU) in Malaysia with over 88% of the Canadian teachers with Ontario Certification and international teaching experience. In 2014, i-graduate Student Barometer which surveyed 211 colleges and universities worldwide, Taylor’s College CPU received exceptional ratings in Expert Lecturers, Quality Lectures and Language Support.