Student with Close Contact Under Surveillance and Monitoring

Dear Students,


Student with close contact under surveillance and monitoring


We have been informed that a Taylor’s College student has come into contact with a positive Covid-19 patient. The student has been placed in quarantine immediately, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s standard operating procedure (SOP). MOH has been contacted and we are awaiting instructions from MOH on further steps and testing.

Although the student does not show any symptoms and is currently healthy, areas where the student has visited has been thoroughly sanitised as a precautionary measure. Taylor’s College and University was closed during the CMCO period and the student’s interactions with his peers have been limited. Peers who have come into contact with the said student in the past 2 weeks have also been requested by the College to self-quarantine till we have further guidelines from MOH.

We’re encouraged to note that the students concerned, although showing no symptoms, are self-isolating and taking preventative actions while the College checks on their health daily.

While the students concerned were scheduled to sit for external examinations next week, the College has taken preemptive measures to ensure that they will not sit for the examinations together with their cohort, but instead, will either be exempted or take the exams in a separate quarantine room.

We are truly grateful for your understanding and support as we have set forth to deal with the current situation. Please be assured that the College has taken all possible scenarios into consideration and applied various precautionary measures in the best interest of students.

We urge all students to remain calm, and do their best in their studies. We will be sharing the latest updates with you regularly.

Above all, stay safe and healthy.




Josephine Tan
Campus Director, Taylor’s College

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