Pre-U vs Foundation

So you’ve finally picked a college you would like to study at but you aren’t entirely sure whether or not to pick a Pre-U or a foundation programme. While both studies are technically very similar in the sense that they’re geared towards getting you ready for the next step of your education, that’s where the similarities end.


#1 Foundation is more focused

Foundation programs generally can be called a fast track towards your degree, preparing you for the next step in your education. They tend to contain more focused syllabuses and are recommended for people who are very sure for the courses that they will be taking.

However, Foundation is best used as a stepping stone as opposed to your entire qualification as itself; many won’t hire a graduate who simply has their Foundation certification and your qualifications may not be recognized at other institutions.


#2 Pre-U preps you for international degrees

While broader in nature compared to a foundation program, a Pre-U programme will get you ready to take on an international degree, like Taylor’s Cambridge A-Level and SACEi for example. It will also be a gateway towards many universities as your qualifications will be recognized in many countries as well.


#3 Flexibility

To put it in simpler terms, a Pre-U programme is much like a buffet while Foundation is more like a three-course meal. The former allows you to pick and choose from a wide variety of subjects that might pique your interest, while the latter will still allow you to choose, but from a more controlled pool of subjects. Some of these would be core subjects in which you will have to partake.


#4 Study time

This will likely affect you the most when it comes to choosing which path to take. Pre-U programmes are a lot more intensive and require much more coursework, much of it which will be hands-on. Foundation programmes on the other hand will usually set you back about a year or so at best but will feature a more even balance of coursework and examinations.

These are some of the differences you will find between Foundation and Pre-U programmes, but bear in mind that there will be differences between different institutions of learning.

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