23 October 2017

Nationbuilding: The role of Student Associations

Recently, the Taylor’s College Cambridge A-Levels Student Council organised a dialogue session, titled “Nationbuilding: The role of Student Associations”, that was participated by YB Senator Khairul Azwan Harun, the UMNO National Deputy Youth Chief and Shahril Sufian Hamdan, a TN50 Ambassador. The session, which was attended by close to 40 students, was an initiative by the Student Council as they felt that their fellow students would engage in a platform about their aspiration for Malaysia through the years leading up to 2050.  Mohd Allif Zainal Ariff, who’s in his second semester of the programme and who helped bring the event together, said the response from the event was extremely encouraging.


“I was so proud to see my fellow CAL students share their aspirations for Malaysia and see her thrive and develop into a nation that will be successful from a socio-economic perspective. It was wonderful seeing everyone uniting to address the problems of the country and to also aspire to take our country to greater heights,” said Allif, who was the moderator of the discussion, which touched on a vast range of areas including green technology, entrepreneurship and more.

Shahril encouraged dialogue sessions like this to continue to be organised, adding that student associations should take a proactive step in addressing ideas that matter to Malaysians and developing proposals in a comprehensive way. He welcomed properly formulated proposals which he would then share with the TN50 team, headed by YB Khairy Jamaluddin. “I would like to encourage students representatives to form small groups of 15-20 people and meet frequently to develop ideas and proposals that will feature solutions to their selected ideas,” he said.

The Taylor's Team