Making It Count at Taylor’s College Scholarship Day

Mr. Craig commenced the Scholarship Day session by welcoming the recipients and their parents

Taylor’s College Scholarship Day proved to be a wonderful occasion as applicants for the Taylor’s Early Activation Scholarship (TEAS) were recognised for being selected as scholarship recipients. The event saw up to RM3 million scholarships being given out to 56 aspiring applicants at Taylor’s College Subang Jaya. The scholarship enables applicants to pursue pre-university courses such as the Cambridge A-Levels, South Australian Matriculation (SAM) and Canadian Pre-University (CPU).

Mr. Craig Sherrin, President of Taylor’s College said, “It is delightful to see these young people here with their own aspirations for a good education. They are clearly here searching for a holistic educational experience, and Taylor’s College understands this best, being a pioneer in pre-university education.”

"Taylor’s College’s extensive network of universities around the world has enabled students to pursue their chosen degree and university of their choice locally and in many parts of the world," Craig added.

Scholarship Day also welcomes the presence of current scholars sharing their experiences with the future recipients. Sara Nathan, 18, one of 2015’s TEAS scholars, said that working diligently and staying humble are one of the qualities that scholars should possess. "Actions always speak louder than words, and it’s important to make an impact in everything you do, whether it’s for yourself, or for others," she said.

Sara, who is a high-jump athlete, is an active student in sports and believes that every student needs to be an all-rounder, not only in studies, but other activities. She added, "I was surprised when I received my acceptance as a TEAS scholar because I didn’t think my grades were perfect enough for a scholarship. However, I’m thrilled that Taylor’s College recognised my abilities in other areas apart from education. I believe that to excel, you need to have a balance in studies and extra-curricular activities that will shape your educational experience," in a personal message to all TEAS scholars.

Sara Nathan

Low Soh Yee, 18, is another TEAS scholar who believes in hard work and proving one’s ability in various areas as an all-rounder. She said, "I applied for the TEAS scholarship because I wanted to lessen the financial burden on my parents, and prove my ability to sustain my education through excellent grades."

Soh Yee, who hails from the southern state of Johor, took the bold step of leaving it all behind and entering a new, unknown realm all on her own.

"I chose Taylor’s College because of the course I wanted to pursue. All of my friends from Johor had joined other institutions hence I didn’t know anyone familiar when I first started A-Levels at Taylor’s College. But, I have no regrets whatsoever. I learnt to get out of my comfort zone, and socialise with others. As a result, I now have many more friends than I imagined," she quipped.

When asked what her message was to the future scholars, she said, "Grab the opportunity to pursue your studies at Taylor’s College. Just as I have experienced, I can certainly vouch that the teachers, fellow classmates and the experience itself will shape you to be the best that you can be", she added.

Low Soh Yee

Another TEAS scholar who can attest to the holistic experience at Taylor’s College is Lillia Tan, 18, who is undertaking the Cambridge A-Levels, majoring in Humanities.

"I’ve always known Taylor’s to be a prestigious institution, but that isn’t the only reason why I accepted the TEAS scholarship. I applied for it with no expectation, as I wanted to gauge how far I could succeed if I just gave it a shot,"she said. And, that shot hit its target perfectly – Lillia got accepted. She has her mind set on pursuing economics and politics as she steers her career path towards the public sector. "I’m privileged to be here as the lecturers are warm and always helpful. They always want the best for us. I also enjoy having discussions with my friends, sharing our interests in world issues," she said.

Her journey was not without obstacles, as she struggled in her first year through A-Levels. "Back in high school, I took up Pure Sciences, but because of my interest in Economics and Politics, I decided to pursue the Humanities. It was an uphill challenge as I had no prior knowledge, but I found the lecturers ever-willing to assist and guide me through my difficulties," she added.

Lillia believes that for future recipients, accepting the scholarship is just the first step towards developing one’s self. "Throughout this journey of education, you will encounter many challenges, but it’s important to stay humble and constantly strive to sharpen your skills and broaden your horizons. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, but in the end, make it count," she said.

Lillia Tan

Before the session came to a close, Craig concluded, "The journey of education is indeed a holistic education. These applicants have a choice to decide what is best in pursuing their dreams. At Taylor’s College, students acquire their learning skills, life skills and leadership skills, as the TEAS scholars have attested to. We are committed to ensuring academic excellence and personal development support that will take students a long way in their lives, beyond just a good career. Taylor’s College has shaped leaders in Malaysia today and will continue to do so by developing them from the start of their tertiary education."