Live Your Dream. Here's How The Risers' Ambassador Turned His Hobby Into a Career



I’ve always been fond of making videos. It’s a hobby of mine to record and share my experiences, knowledge, and my life. While I did not take up filming in school, I’m now in the filming and videography business.


"Let your passion exude out  from the embodiment people call the norm."

Chapter I

Life as a Biomedical Science Student


I first enrolled in biomedical science after weeks of deliberating on the right programme. I chose this programme as I found out that I could be a part of research and perform experiments that could help shape the future of medical sciences. Aside from that, there were plenty of other fields that I could venture into upon graduation such as epidemiology studies, sales in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing, and more which sounded really flamboyant to me at that time!

Studying biomedical science was thrilling and eye-opening, to say the least. I found biology very interesting as I got an in-depth look at human anatomy, diseases, cellular growths, and my personal favourite, microbiology studies. One of my favourite things to do was attending the laboratory sessions. From culturing tissue cells to performing toxicity testings, my favourite subject was pharmacology. I got to witness neurotransmitter effects on living tissues such as norepinephrine on the contraction of the heart tissues. The practical lessons helped me a lot with visualising concepts learnt in classes such as the effects of different dosage of drugs seen on live tissues. 

Within a whizz, it was my final year at Taylor’s University. I did a project under the supervision of my virology teacher who was of great help to me. When it all ended, I was happy that I could see graduation day shortly after my final internship.


Chapter II



There are plenty of things I could have ventured into after graduation. I have friends who pursued their masters in neurology sciences, environmental studies, and even virology studies while others ventured into sales for pharmaceutical companies, quality control, and quality assurance officers.


I decided to intern as a sales representative at a biomedical company for 6 months. Interning under the supervision of the business development manager was immensely satisfying. I was brought around to visit customers, vendors, attend monthly sales meetings, and more. I have learnt so much from the experiences shared by my supervisor. I also made a couple of good friends at work and we would often go out for lunch together. 

When I thought my  6-month long internship had finally come to an end, my supervisor caught me off guard when she said, “Hey Rodric, would you like to work with us full-time?” I was elated that I didn’t need to search for a new job! And since I already knew the company’s business operation, I felt I was perfect for the position. I said "Yes!” So, I was assigned to a new supervisor who became my boss.


Chapter III

The Sales Representative Position


During my time working as a probationary sales representative, I was at a crossroad between my day job and doing what I like. I was struggling to keep up with my job as I had to work Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm while juggling my side hustle. I was building a content creation page along with my videographer partner called ‘The Science Posse’.

I realised the struggle of having a work-life balance was starting to affect my mental health. Nine months later, and in the good spirit of mutual understanding, I talked to my boss about resigning from the company as I did not share the same working values. He agreed and encouraged me to pursue my dreams as I’m still young. After that, I made my decision to resign as a sales representative to spend more time turning my passion into a business that it is today.


Chapter IV

The Science Posse & Daily Filmmaker Studio


Here is where my journey towards building my dream began. It all started when I was doing small presentations during class for assignments. I realised I truly enjoyed presenting and I believe that is where my skills lie. This inspired me to become a content creator.


As a content creator, I found myself covering a wide range of videos. One of the most highly viewed videos I made was filmed with a simple phone! The title of the video was ‘How To Win The Claw Machine’. To my surprise, that video went viral in the Philippines. With over 7,800 views, I was left with the feeling of accomplishment seeing how people were genuinely interested to watch the video. While I must say the quality isn’t the best, the content was engaging. Audiences often tagged their friends to watch the video to learn the ways to beat the claw machine!

At that point, I realised that I needed to step up my videography skills. It was important for me to deliver content with good video resolution and editing. Hence, I picked up videography skills by watching YouTube tutorials. As I kept learning more and more videography skills, my interest in videography grew as well!

When I was running my page, 'The Science Posse', I landed with filmmaking gigs for corporate clients, neighbourhood businesses, fitness classes, events, and even weddings. Soon it became apparent that we were moving towards videography and filming, and so I registered for a sole proprietary company called ‘Daily Filmmaker Studio’ to better serve our clients. 

Now that I am a freelance videographer, I travel and promote my work through social media to get customer references. Just like every beginner, I admit that I have made many filming mistakes. But, mistakes are part of the learning process that we all have to go through to build ourselves from the ground up. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes!


Chapter V

The Twisted Fate


Isn't it rather odd? Although I studied a Bachelor in Biomedical Science (Hons), I decided to pursue my passion for digital content creation instead despite having zero experience in filming. All I had was a vision to carve my own path in life. I don’t deny that earning a stable income is something people long for. 


And it was nice to have a paycheck at the end of the month and being able to splurge on nice things. But I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that this wasn’t for me. I envisioned myself as a videographer and a content creator. I left my job for something that I believed in. Myself.


“I threw away my security for something abstract in my head.”



To the readers, I want you to know that each of you has something special within. Taking action towards your passion is hard at first but believe me, if we don’t, we would be working for something we aren’t comfortable with doing for as long as we allow it. That said, regardless of your tertiary education, what you chose to study is not your final career option. Though your degree will help to boost your credibility, there’s always a way for you to pursue what you truly desire as long as you work for it.

I would like to thank you for reading this article, and as my late father told me, “Just be happy, son!” 




Rodric enjoys filming videos and sharing them on his IG. He is a persistent content creator and never stops learning to improve his skills. A Taylor’s University alumni, he studied Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) and is also one of The Risers’ ambassadors!

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