Live Video Chat With Wong Mei Ting

Leaving only a 30-minute drive from Subang Jaya, Wong Mei Ting, a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Finance and Economics) student, joined Taylor’s during her foundation year. Now, she shares with us what she likes about her current programme, how she made new friends during her classes as well as clubs and societies, and what's there around Taylor’s.

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A Solid Foundation and Step-By-Step Programme

[05:08] Danniel: Do you like your programme (Finance and Economics) so far?

Mei Ting: It's quite nice, quite interesting and really coherent with whatever I'm expecting of it.

[05:21] Danniel: What were you expecting and what did they (Taylor's) do to reach your expectations?

Mei Ting: Taylor's taught us bit by bit. For example, Finance requires Quantitative Methods. Semester 1, I didn't take Introduction to Finance but instead took Quantitative Methods. Then, in semester 2, right now, I took Introduction to Finance. It was an easier transition for me to go into Intro to Finance. 


[07:06] Danniel: So why did you choose Finance and Economics?

Mei Ting: Economics was something I did back in pre-u. As for Finance itself, I have interest towards that field because I was interested in how they do budgeting, how the financial institutions plan their budgets, money and things like that.

[07:28] Danniel: Would you say Taylor's Finance and Economics major is teaching you the things you want to learn?

Mei Ting: Yes!


Transferring Overseas

[05:57] Danniel: You said you're in semester 2. Are you doing a transfer at the end?

Mei Ting: I am planning to transfer in my 3rd year to the University of Queensland of Technology (QUT) because Taylor's has a partnership where you can transfer your credits immediately. I want to go there to gain extra exposure to different places. 

[06:32] Danniel: Do you get another degree or certificate from that university as well?

Mei Ting: When we go there, we get a dual award where we get a Taylor's certificate and a certificate there (from the partner university).

[06:59] Danniel: Wow! That's so nice! You get to have two certificates by just doing the regular time of three years. 


Making Memorable Moments

[26:04] Danniel(Student question) "What are your favourite memories in Taylor's University?"

[26:48] Mei Ting: Another interesting memory that had happened recently, for marketing, we had this project called 'Fresh Mart' project which was one of our assignments. We were planning how to sell food as a class. We had different departments like marketing, logistics, and human resource. I was in human resource and in charge of making a timetable and ensuring everyone's there at the same time. Overall, it was a very good experience because we learned how to market our products to people and also use different things that we learn in marketing. 

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Clubs & Societies

What are AIESEC and STAR Ambassadors?

[07:39] Danniel: What do you like to do for fun in Taylor's University?

Mei Ting: In Taylor's University, I joined two clubs: AIESEC and STAR Ambassadors. AIESEC is a club which develops youth leadership in you and you can learn a lot of different sets of skills, depending on which department you go. As for STAR Ambassadors, what we do is work during Open Days, promote Taylor's, and also get to know a lot of students from different faculties and schools as well. Same goes for AIESEC.


Juggling between Studies and the Clubs and Societies (C&S)

[11:56] Danniel(Student Question) "Are the clubs you mentioned very hectic? Can you explain more about it?"

Mei Ting: There are actually a lot of clubs here in Taylor's. There's a wide variety from sports to business clubs. Some club has higher commitment than others. Some has lower commitment. It just depends on your interests and what you're looking for. For me, if I have more time, like in Year 1, I would recommend joining a lot of clubs and, from there, choosing what you like and don't like. Then, you can choose whether to stay or not. They won't have anything against you so it's really up to you. 

[12:47] Mei Ting: For AIESEC, it's more of a high commitment club but it has made me develop (myself) a lot. It made me foster some skills, like how I talk to certain people and deal with my time management. AIESEC is business-related. It's an NGO that's related to uni students because it's an international organisation throughout 126 countries. That's why it fosters cross-cultural exchanges. 

As for STAR Ambassadors, it made me realise how good it is to promote an institution and getting to know where you're studying (Taylor's). Through it, I realise there's so much about Taylor's I didn't know about. For STARs, it's mostly Open Days and sessions where they include outsiders. I'm not too sure if it's open to all members. 


Where Friendships Start

[08:42] Danniel: What about your friends? Did you make friends from joining these clubs (AIESEC, STAR Ambassadors) or did you have friends from your own programme? Where do your friends come from?

Mei Ting: My friends from degree, I know from classes and one of my friends joined STAR Ambassadors with me. As for AIESEC, I joined it myself and got to know a lot of people from different fields of study from pre-u and degree. It's interesting the amount of people I've met. 

Danniel: Definitely true! When you join clubs, you're exposed to people, not just outside of your programme but outside of different faculties and years from you. 


Keeping Up With Studies and C&S Work

[15:26] Danniel: (Student question) Our next question is, "How do you cope with both studies and clubs? Isn't it very busy and stressful?"

Mei Ting: Obviously with studies, it comes with its own stress. With clubs as well, because you have to juggle between the both of them. During class, I focus and listen to lectures but when I'm in a club, it depends what I have to do in the club. Let's say I have something to do in the club on that day, then I'd plan out my time. I'll book, maybe 3 hours for this club and the rest of the day, I'll book for my studies. It's really about time management, how you handle yourself and being disciplined. It has its own stress but with all this on you, you're learning a lot and will help you with managing time. It's quite good if you can manage. That's how I manage. 


Making Memorable Moments

[26:04] Danniel: (Student question) "What are your favourite memories in Taylor's University?"

[26:12] Mei Ting: My favourite memory is joining the Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship (ENI) club. We had a 3-day camp that gave us talks and workshops about the whole club and about personal development. What I enjoyed was staying up pretty late with my girl friends and chatting by the lake because we had the camp here (in Taylor's) where we lived in classes and we had to bring our sleeping bags. It was like a very impromptu getaway which was interesting.

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Student Lifestyle

Keeping Fit 

[21:15] Danniel: (Student question) "Is there a gym in Taylor's?"

Mei Ting: There's a gym in URez (U-Residence), our accommodation at Syopz mall. Students can access it. You'll have to pay a fee every month to go but I'm not too sure of the fee. We do have one there and you can have a view if you go to the edge. It's actually quite nice. 


The Everyday Life of a Student

[22:02] Danniel: Aside from the gym and all these other restaurants, what do you normally do after class? Do you wait for your club meetings or go home straight? You mentioned that you stay till night for clubs. What is your daily life like after class?

Mei Ting: Most of my classes end at 6pm and my club meetings are from 6pm to 8pm. There are some days where I have my club meetings on days where I don't have classes but I do come early so I can study before, like at 10am till about 5pm. I'll grab a quick bite before my meetings. Sometimes I end classes at 6pm but when there's a 2-hour break in between, I'll grab lunch during the break. After 6pm, I usually head home because I want to spend time with my family.


For the Late Study Nights

[32:29] Danniel: (Student question) "Is there a place where I can study till late night?"

Mei Ting: The areas outside the library. You can study there if you don't mind the dim lighting. No one really disturbs you and it's very peaceful as well. If you really want to study in a cooler area, you can study in the library till 9 pm. We also have a study room which open 24 hours and you can study however long you want. Of course, take care of your health. Please sleep on time. It's very important when you're in uni.

Around Campus

For All the Drivers

[16:47] Danniel: (Student question) "How's the parking on campus? I heard other universities are a bit hard to find parking or is expensive."

Mei Ting: There are actually various places (to park in Taylor's). Some are a little further than most but if you come really early, there's a parking behind Taylor's Uni you can park at. If you're lucky and come about 10am, 12pm or 2pm, then there could be parking spots for you when someone comes out. There's a lot of parking, it just depends where you'd want to park. There are some places where you have to pay. It's RM 3 per day. There are plenty of places to park. It just depends where and the distance as well. 


[18:00] Danniel: Where do you normally park?

Mei Ting: For me, I usually park in a place students call 'Narnia' because it goes into the unknown. It stretches out towards the other side. I park there because a lot of students park there and you tend to feel safe so when you walk there, it's not that scary. Of course, if you park anywhere at night, it's obviously scary. What I would suggest, at night, I park at the area next to commercial block (Syopz mall). It's RM3 per day but it ensures my safety and I don't need to walk so much also. Especially when I have club meetings after 6pm. 


Eating Around Campus

[10:04] Danniel: Where do you like to eat here on campus?

Mei Ting: There are various places like Aspresso (Cafe), which is near Maybank, and also Grab Fresh. I really really love their Mac and Cheese. I think it's really nice. The spaghetti and the breakfast set from Aspresso is also really good.

[10:25] Danniel: Let's talk about these restaurants that you've mentioned and why you recommend them. Why would you recommend Aspresso and what do you like about their spaghetti and breakfast set?

Mei Ting: Aspresso has a very nice ambiance to it and they have a breakfast set where you can pick a few food, like sausages, hashbrown. You can customise your own food. I think it's healthy and goes according to your choice. As for the spaghetti, it's only available after 12pm and you can get different selections, like aglio olio and carbonara. They serve pretty good food. 

[11:12] Danniel: You also mentioned Grab Fresh. Could you elaborate a little bit about that?

Mei Ting: Grab Fresh is my go-to for food, especially when I'm in a rush or when I need to eat something quick and go back to studying or doing other stuff. Over there you can get your Mac and Cheese or Carbonara pretty fast. You can get sandwiches as well. It's your ‘go get’ food but it's pretty good. 


[14:03] Danniel: (Student question) So we have another question from our viewers regarding what you mentioned earlier about Grab Fresh. "I love Mac and Cheese! What's the budget like for a student living there?"

Mei Ting: The budget in Taylor's is about RM5 to RM20, at most. What I normally eat in Taylor's is JC's Pancakes where they serve pancakes and also nasi lemak. If you order nasi lemak kosong (plain nasi lemak), it's RM5 and isn't bad. It has everything you need in a nasi lemak, just without the chicken. For other places, like MISO, a Korean place and also Face to Face, these are non-halal but a lot of people go there to eat and I'm sure they have a lot of outlets. We also have Subway. As for Grab Fresh, the Mac and Cheese is RM10.90 but it's really good and worth the money. With Aspresso, it’s about RM15 for the whole package, but the ambiance is really good and you can study or chat there. That's what you're really paying for, which is a good thing. 


[20:00] Danniel: What about the other places? I remember you mentioning Subway?

Mei Ting: Yes, we have Subway as well so when you want something fast to go back to studying, you can get a Subway quickly, chat a bit and head straight back to the library. 

Danniel: It sounds like we have a variety of options here. If you want a long meal to sit for a while, then the fried rice is one place you can have. Or if you want to just have a quick bite and go back to studying, then we have Subway and Grab Fresh.

Mei Ting: Yes, Grab Fresh serves their food pretty quick because they prepare most of the ingredients beforehand so you order and only need to wait a few minutes to get your food. Eat, and you can head to the library or home, if you want. 


The Commercial Block

[18:58] Danniel: You mentioned the commercial block, the Syopz Mall, could you elaborate more on that?

Mei Ting: The commercial block (Syopz Mall) is where the accommodation and food is. They have a lot of restaurants there. They have Imperial Kitchen. It's very famous but it's not halal, though the food is very good and it's packed at all times, except at night.

Danniel: That's right. Whenever I pass by, it's always full and I don't know why. The plates also look like they serve big portions! 

Mei Ting: Yes! Especially their fried rice. It's a really big portion so girls, you can share if you want to.


Facilities Around Campus

Places to Study

[23:36] Danniel: (Student question) "What are the different places to study besides the library?" This takes into assumption that we study in the library which is mostly true but we also go there to read books for fun. We also have a cafe there as well. So, if you want to study in the library, you can but there are more things to do there as well.

Mei Ting: We have a place called Student Life Centre (SLC). You don't usually study there because it's a bit noisy but you can have discussions there with your friends about projects. There are a few tables for you to work on, if you can find a seat because it's mostly packed. That's what's so good about it!

Outside the library, throughout the hallways of the whole second floor, we have tables and chairs around so you can find a seat there to chill. It's very cooling and it's nice to be there to talk to your friends and do your work as well. I've seen various students conducting their MPU (Mata Pelajaran Umum) projects which is compulsory for universities here. For example, the MOVE project. It's basically where everyone can meet.


Places to Chill

[25:00] Danniel: You mentioned the SLC. Can you talk more about this? What is it exactly for? Is that only for studying or a random public open space that any student can use?

Mei Ting: At the SLC, there's a pool table for you to use and chill. There's various different seats and sofas for you to sit and talk among your friends. It's basically a place to chill, study, play, and have discussions. It's open to all students and you can go anytime, in and out, whenever you want. When you step into Taylor's on the first floor, there's the admin building and the SLC beside it.

[29:34] Danniel: (Student question) "Is the SLC open till late at night?"

Mei Ting: If I'm not wrong, maybe 5 or 6pm? I don't think I've seen it open till late at night because there are no people and it wastes electricity. Most of the students would go to the library. The library closes at 9pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. They're not open on public holidays.

[30:23] Danniel: What I know, is that it closes at 6pm on regular days but if you're from a club or a student who wants to host an event, you can actually book the SLC and have it extend from 6 to 9pm to have your event there, like a welcoming party, gathering or event. So I guess that's a very good thing for students to utilise. 

[31:29] Danniel: You also mentioned that the SLC had a pool table? Clearly, it sounds like more than just studying. Could you talk about what else you can do there?

Mei Ting: You can go there to play pool with your friends but you'd need to pay RM 2. You could chill at the sofa area or do your work or talk to your friends. No one will bother you or ask you to get out. You can just chill there on your own. You can really do whatever you want!


[27:30] Danniel: Earlier you mentioned about going to the lake and chilling there. Aside from the lake just being there, what do students and you, in particular, do there? Do you go there to reflect with your friends about life? I know we can't use the lake.

Mei Ting: Pretty much. We sit there, chill and talk about life especially at night. It's quiet and has a very nice view. I love it a lot. At certain places, you can see the lake and it's calming. Sometimes we see cute ducks. We have a duck here called Anthony. We see the ducks and chill.

Danniel: I guess this lake, even though is not there to reflect, people can use it to reflect because of the calming ambiance we can get there.

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For a Good Cause

[28:41] Danniel: (Student question) "Why is there a mini house near the lake?"

Mei Ting: I remember it was a student who made the whole thing. The purpose of the mini house was to promote environmental friendliness and more sustainable. They built a little house with a bed, a small shower. Behind the house, there are places for you to seat and all that. It looks really cute and cool. I think it's a good way to promote how we need to be environmentally friendly. I would say that this project has a significant meaning behind it.