Little Things We Took for Granted Before MCO

Being stuck at home, you probably pondered about the things you wish you could do but can’t. Well, one key lesson the coronavirus pandemic has taught everyone is to appreciate the little things in life. After all, you can never know when it will be the last time you get to comfortably sit in a ‘mamak’ and enjoy your ‘teh o ais’. 

So, here’s a trip down memory lane of the little moments in life that we have taken for granted:

1. Hanging out with friends


All those random outings begone. Now, you would do anything to meet your close buddies even if it means only seeing them in class or ‘lepaking’ at the school corridor!

2. Freedom to walk and roam


…might we add without the fear and trepidation of catching the virus? Guess we’ll never take walking and running for granted ever again.

3. ‘Teh tarik’ sessions at the ‘mamak’


The ones you try to make at home can never taste nor ‘feel’ the same. Plus, you’ll only end up pouring hot tea on your hand.

4. Dressing up and looking good


Since you have nowhere to go, your fancy clothes and dressy shoes are all wondering where on earth you disappeared to!

5. Feeling the sun on your skin


Remember how you used to complain about having to walk in the heat? Now, you’re lucky if you have a balcony or a garden for some sunshine.

6. Enjoying the café ambience


Now, sipping coffee while doing your assignments at a cosy cafe seems like a distant utopian memory.

7. Hugging your friends


Even though you’re allowed to leave your home now, it’s still best to keep a distance from people not within your household. Only virtual hugs allowed.

8. Sipping boba tea at the store


Being able to sip on a cold, milky, and chewy bubble tea on a hot day in an air-conditioned store has never felt so nostalgic.

9. Going on road trips


Oh, the times when we all took interstate travelling for granted. Now, travelling is illegal without permission!

10. Going out for breakfast


Whether it’s a simple ‘nasi lemak’ at your favourite ‘warung’ or dim sum at a Chinese food court, you wish you had savour those moments of being out more.

11. The noise at a ‘kopitiam’


You used to think the fried ‘koay teow’ aunty was too loud and you couldn’t stand all the yelling of drink orders going about. Now, you pray you’ll still see your favourite stalls when business resumes.

12. Checking out bazaars


From hipster bazaars to those night markets that sell everyone’s favourite ‘keropok lekor’ and satay, it’ll be a while before we’ll get to enjoy bazaar shopping again...

13. Going to the national park


Though you may not exercise nor go to the national park often, it would be nice to have the option, isn’t it?

14. Going to the arcade


Reminiscing those hours spent here with your buddies? Well, at least you get to save your pocket money now.

15. Eating out with family


You probably wish you hadn’t been texting so much at the restaurant table and appreciate being out with your fam. You promise to pay more attention if that means getting to go to your fave restaurant again!

16. Shopping at the mall


Remember when you could hang around the mall aimlessly? Now, the idea of being at a place with potential crowd sounds terrifying.

17. Catching a movie at the cinema


But thank goodness there’s still Netflix to keep all of us sane at home.

18. Not having to wear face masks


Remember a time when you could breathe clean air and still felt safe without protective gear on your face?

19. Playing team sports


Football? Basketball? You can forget about any form of contact games for the time being…

20. Steamboat and hotpot sessions


It’s more than just eating out. It’s gathering around the table with your loved ones and eating together over a simmering hotpot that makes it special.

21. Not having to put sanitisers every 5 mins


Last but not least, remember a time when you won’t get reprimanded for touching your face before washing your hands?

Welp, here’s the end of the memory trip. While we can finally leave our homes without breaking the law anymore, remember to socially distant yourself and that cleanliness is next to godliness

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