Kita Jaga Kita: Ways to Give Back to the Community

COVID-19 has left our society in a state of chaos with many people going through plenty of hardships at this moment in their lives. The implementation of the Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO) to curb the COVID-19 pandemic has caused thousands of businesses to be closed down, some temporarily while others permanently, and have spelt out mass numbers of people losing their jobs amid this time where having an income is vital. In fact, the recent extension of the new Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) has merely added fuel to the fire.

It’s during these trying times that we must come together and lend a helping hand to those who have been affected heavily. Here are some of the ways you can give back to society and help out during this unprecedented time.

One of the most popular ways people can give back to society is by donating. Donations are always welcomed and are a great form of charity. It is the kind-hearted act of giving something to a good cause without expecting anything in return and can take a myriad of forms. This could include donations in terms of money, essential items, or even blood.

Your monetary donations will help the organisations you’ve donated for their own needs and purposes. For example, the COVID-19 Collective for Orang Asli Fund by Sedunia supports Orang Asli families badly affected by the MCO with every RM100 raised to support a family for a surprising two weeks. Another example could include donating to Mercy Malaysia where all proceeds will go to the purchase of medical supplies, personal protective gears for our frontliners, and other related COVID-19 relief.

You can also donate grocery items and goods to groups or NGOs that require them like Kechara Soup Kitchen, that donates food boxes to the homeless. This would be a massive contribution to society.

Even the most unexpected form of donation — donating blood, could play a vital role in getting society back on its feet. The national blood centre has reportedly experienced blood reserves down by 40% ever since the MCO was implemented and urged the public to donate blood in an effort to save lives. After all, a single pint of blood can save up to three lives.

2. Support small, local businesses


As mentioned earlier, small, local businesses are most badly affected due to the implementations of MCOs since March as they receive little to no customers at all.  Nevertheless, we can help them remain operational throughout this crisis by supporting them. A great example would be to buy from your local grocery store which can also save your time since they tend to be less crowded than larger stores, or even your local hawker by buying your takeaways from your favourite uncles’ or aunties’ hawker stalls.

Of course, there are also alternatives like buying food online from local eateries and small businesses through platforms like GrabFood, FoodPanda, Dahmakan, Delivereat and some do online deliveries as well. This also isn’t limited to food. If you enjoy shopping online, make purchases from your local retailers or subscribe to online services from your local tuition or music centres who may offer virtual sessions. It would mean the world to them as our small contribution could be the deciding factor in keeping their business alive.


3.  Raise awareness on your social accounts


Another way you can do your part is by spreading the word and raising awareness on important updates or issues using your social media platforms. Whether it’s related to COVID-19 or other social issues, sharing information on your social accounts is an effective method to share information. Just be sure to verify your sources before sharing. 

You can consider supporting the small businesses mentioned earlier by mentioning or tagging your favourite local shops on your Instagram Feed or Stories. If you can’t afford to donate, you can raise awareness for any fundraising efforts or organisations that champion human rights. It won’t cost a dime to hit the share button! You can even post and share messages of appreciation and support to the frontliners who risk their lives day by day to help the nation combat the virus. So go ahead and pass the torch — it only takes a few minutes if not seconds of your time to share!

 4.  Look after yourself


Last but not least, sometimes the best way for us to do our part and help others is to first look after ourselves during this pandemic. We can contribute by attentively complying to the regulations set out by the authorities, only going out whenever necessary, practising good hygiene, and maintaining social distance. By doing so, we can stop the spread and flatten the curve. So, let’s unite and make sacrifices for the greater good of everyone like wearing a mask properly at all times even if you think it doesn’t suit your fashionable self.

Overall, it’s during this time that we must come together to battle this pandemic. Although the virus has taken a toll on many aspects of our lives, we can still do our best to minimise its damages together. By giving back, you’re also helping yourself as it can boost your mood and also give you a sense of purpose during this difficult time. We’re all in this together! #KitaJagaKita

Currently pursuing Taylor’s Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance, Kwan Jet is a friendly and adventurous guy who's always up to explore new experiences.

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