Goodbye 2020: Taylor’s College Writers Share their Dreams for the New Year

It’s out with the old and in with the new! From #StayingHome tips to caring for our mental health and introducing online learning hacks, our writers have come a long way to share their personal write ups and tips for you to get through this year. So, we couldn’t end 2020 without a final say, so here’s a compilation of Taylor’s College writers’ reflection for 2020 and their New Year 2021 resolutions!

Eunice Liow

“Quarantine instantly shattered my image of a year-long holiday. I'd always been dreaming to experience a year of doing whatever I want at home, but 2020 proved it to be quite a nightmare. I've acquired lots of digital skills this year, though I still believe that nothing beats social communication. 

For 2021, I hope that online classes and F2F classes can be more equally balanced so that more skills can be acquired and more values can be created. Let's work hard together like an ox next year!”

Denise Chang

"First and foremost, I’m sure this goes the same for everyone, I would like to see the end of COVID-19. Seeing how the vaccines are showing promise, I really hope the virus can be controlled, better yet just vanish, but we all know the latter is complicated.

I also aim to pass my foundation studies with a good CGPA and hopefully be able to score a scholarship in degree. At  the end of the day, I just want to make my parents proud and prove to them that I know what I’m doing. I also hope for more new opportunities in 2021..."

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Zernaish Tabba

"It’s been quite a rough year for everyone. COVID-19 is all we’ve talked of, but a year-long survival without family has been no less than a book of struggles and strife. Being my own supporter, I’ve learnt about great things I never knew I was capable of doing. 

2021 will be a ray of sunshine amidst the 2020 storm and will bring in a lot of peace and stability around the world. I hope to meet my family soon and be as grateful as possible for the little things I might have taken for granted. Lastly, next year will be a year for self-love and gratitude over anything for me!"

Wong En Qi

"Despite the challenges we’ve faced in what was supposed to be the start of a brand new chapter, 2020, I genuinely look forward to a new opportunity to start over in 2021. As a high school student facing her senior year in a month or so, not only am I beyond academically unprepared, my mental health has been on a roller coaster ride this whole year and it takes one quite some time to heal and get back on track. I believe this year took a toll on everyone’s lives with the on-going pandemic, it feels like our lives stopped in March and ever since then, it has been an endless March with vivid details yes, but the rest feels blurry and punctuated by moments that feels like they might have happened in another lifetime. The world has lost a great deal of light and talent in a span of a single year and don’t you all think the virus has taken too much from us? 

My vision for 2021 is simple, live every day to its fullest, score good grades and to rid all the toxicity from my life once and for all. I need 2021 to be an amazing year, to be the start of something beautiful, to be better than words."

Ali Najah

"Yes, the past year has been challenging for a lot of us. Classes have gone online, events have been cancelled and most importantly for us international students, travel has been restricted. This is the longest I’ve stayed away from my family. Having to sit in front of a computer and scream “Yayyy I’m done!” after finishing my last exam while tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks only to turn out to be tears of sadness, because I didn’t have anyone to share the moment with. Yet someone once said, positive thinkers are those who see opportunities in every difficulty.

I saw the isolation as a way to focus more on my studies, to take advantage of the MANY benefits online classes have provided us with. So, my aspirations for 2021 is to work on improving myself, to develop my personal and professional capabilities. Because at the end of the day, I am who I can truly count on."

Preevena Jayabalan

"Changes. Despair. Reflection. Acceptance. Survival. Gratitude. This was my 2020 summed up in 6 simple words. My journey to acceptance towards the pandemic was by far the most difficult of them all. Ever since the MCO started in March, I kept my eyes glued to the television anticipating for the MCO to be lifted. It was an anxiety-inducing period when the MCO got prolonged and eventually, I gave up hoping for the best. But I decided to find the glimmer of light during dark times. Fast forward to December, I’ve realised that 2020 has taught me that not everything will go on as planned. 

2020 was indeed a short pause from my previously hectic life. For once, I wasn’t stressing myself on achieving things. Instead, I was more focused on pursuing my passion without much expectation on the outcome. The string of success that followed was indeed an indication that maybe I was doing things wrong previously. And it actually took a pandemic to teach me important life lessons. 

For 2021, I’ve decided that I need to be more realistic in resolution-planning. Therefore, the only thing that I want for myself, next year, is happiness. Regardless of the things I do and the decisions I make in 2021, the most important thing for me is to be happy and to find my inner peace. I no longer want to sacrifice my happiness for the sake of others. I would also want to write more and maybe, who knows, publish my own book by the end of 2021."

So, have you figured out what your goals are for 2021 yet? If you haven’t, it’s not too late to get started. It doesn’t have to be too ambitious. Keep ‘em simple and achievable. And remember, it’s okay to start with baby steps. Have a Happy (and most importantly safe) New Year!

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