From Fully Online to Borderless Learning: A Learning Transformation at Taylor's

Following the announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education that universities and colleges can now open their campuses in a phased and controlled way, Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College has restarted face to face teaching for several cohorts of students at the Lakeside Campus & Clinical Campus from Monday 20 July 2020. This re-opening is subject to a temporary restriction requiring no more than 30% of the total student population to be present on campus at any time. 

As local and international students begin to make their preparations to return to campus for F2F classes, it is increasingly likely that a proportion of students in each cohort will be unable to return to campus on time, due to border closure, health advisories and quarantine restrictions. In order to ensure learning continuity for this group of students, Taylor’s is adopting a “Borderless Learning” approach - where some students will attend classes F2F on campus whilst others will attend classes remotely through online learning.

Spearheaded by the team from the Centre of Future Learning, a training focuses on delivering Borderless Learning was recently successfully conducted from the 29th July to 21st August 2020 with 459 Taylor’s academics before the commencement of August 2020 semester.

The training was conducted over 10 days, using 6 different learning scenarios in 9 different settings, with 5 walkthrough sessions, 41 F2F simulated sessions and 5 reflection sessions by the 4 different faculties in Taylor’s University and Taylor’s College.

During the walkthrough sessions, academics were briefed on the concept of various learning approaches for Borderless Learning, followed by simulation and demonstration sessions where they were equipped with “hands-on, minds-on” experience in using different learning tools, including Wacom tablets, phone mount, gimbal stabilizers in conducting classes. 

Borderless Learning Engagement and Training Sessions with Academics, conducted by Centre for Future Learning.