First Time Champions Takes Top Spot in Monash Business Investment Challenge 2016

SAM students Chan Pei Yan (left) and Bernice Choi (right) celebrated their achievements with Ms. Lai Cheng See, Principal of South Australian Matriculations Programme at Taylor’s College.

Taylor’s College students were once again given the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to real life situation at the recent Monash Business Investment Challenge. Taylor’s College students, Chan Pei Yan and Bernice Choi, emerged as grand winners and they won cash prize of RM2,000 trophies and certificates.

The 2-day Business Investment Challenge organised by the Monash University Malaysia’s School of Business, aims to inculcate greater awareness about accounting and financial studies. The competition simulated the real business investment world to enable participants to experience real-time stock investment.

Congratulating the winning team and their teacher advisor, Taylor’s College President Craig Sherrin said, “This achievement is commendable. The teams were highly motivated and have put in immense effort and skill to apply their knowledge at the challenge. We are always challenging students to get practical experience by investing time with a goal of maximizing returns in knowledge. These students have done very well - emerging victorious from the tough fight after working through rounds of practice, strategising and research to achieve this result”.

Prior to the competition, the winning duo, both of them 18-year-old South Australian Matriculation students, worked closely for months, juggling schedules to fit in discussion and sessions with their teacher advisor. They worked closely to study, plan and manage financial strategies, communicating and meeting with their teacher advisors. The team thanked their teacher advisors for their unflagging support and guidance through multiple rounds of practice to build their confidence.

Chan Pei Yan, believes that their team effort helped the win the challenge. “It was important for us to truly understand the economics and accounting concepts and get our facts right. We had to identify good investments and ensure that the investments made were precise and accurate. This was a great opportunity for us to work on our economic and accounting skills - as effective investment management was crucial for the team to perform at its best”, she shared.

Her partner Bernice Choi shared that this opportunity allowed her to expose and challenge herself to the complicated world of finance and stock exchange. “In the process we learned the importance of what we studied in our classroom, how to apply them in real situations as well as grasping investment fundamentals. It also thought me how to prioritise my daily studies and personal time as we needed as much time as possible to learn and practice – so that we would be familiar with the facts and terms.” This aspiring financial analyst is hoping to continue her degree in Economics.

A total of 19 teams comprising pre-university students from around the Klang Valley participated in this challenge. Utilising a simulated virtual stock market to buy and sell shares of different companies, participants were also introduced to operating trading terminals and how to process information for successful trading.

Proud of the achievements of these students, Taylor’s College aims to nurture well-rounded students with sound fundamental knowledge and skills needed for smooth transition to university. It provides forms of experiential learning for students interested to pursue their career any field.

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