Feeling Down? Here Are 4 Ways to Empower Yourself

Life is all about ups and downs. In fact, can you really consider yourself living life if everything was smooth sailing? Sometimes, those bad days in life are inevitable. After all, they help you appreciate the good ones. Nevertheless, it's still of utmost importance that you get back on your feet whenever the going gets tough. So, here are 4 things that always empower me to bounce back when I feel down.

1)  Listen to music


Firstly, listening to music is a great way to improve your mood for the better whenever you’re feeling down. Listening to music tends to be my first resort whenever I feel down and has so far never failed to heal me during tough times. Listening to upbeat and motivational songs, like ‘The Fighter’ by Gym Class Heroes or ‘Fight Song’ by Rachel Platten, have cheered me up in my previous encounters with hardship.

These motivational songs help me become stronger and change my viewpoint of seeing problems as difficulties to an exciting challenge instead. Listening to music that sympathises with you works as well. Sometimes, I find myself listening to sad songs instead, though some people may think that it may cause more sadness. However, I believe sad music makes me feel connected and understands what I’m going through with the lyrics, and overall has a better effect on me compared to cheery songs which aren’t suitable for certain situations. After all, such songs tend to be the most powerful and meaningful such as one of my all-time favourites, ‘Crying Alone’ by Jurrivh.

2)  Focus on doing something else


Aside from that, another way I feel better is by getting my mind focused and fixated on something aside from the matter troubling me. This actually helps clear my mind and free it from the negative thoughts that have been bothering me. 

Of course, this could be anything such as doing something enjoyable and fun, like your favourite hobby and pastime, or even something handy and useful, like working out or doing household chores.

On some days when I feel upset, I usually play computer games with my friends. It’s one of my favourite things to do as I get to enjoy spending time with friends while also having fun playing games.

It’s also an added bonus if the activity you’re doing involves getting some valuable work done whether it’s a work-related task or an ongoing project. Getting such work done will make you feel productive and gives you a sense of accomplishment knowing the day was well spent. Also, working out is a good example to make you feel good both on the outside (go get them muscles) and on the inside (endorphins released will make you feel better).

3) Spend time with pets


Nevertheless, I don’t just rely on doing something or getting work done to bounce back when I feel depressed. I find playing with pets that shower me with love can cheer me up too.

Spending some quality time with your pets is yet another helpful way to empower yourself during tough times.

As a dog owner, sometimes I talk and vent out my frustrations to my dog, Lucky, which has effectively calmed me down most of the time. 

After all, it’s a commonly known fact that pets help to liven up your mood and are able to sense when you’re sad. I’m grateful for Lucky that has always been there for me whenever I feel down and how his company alone was enough to melt my stress away and heal my soul.

4) Talk to someone


Some people may not have the luxury of owning pets. Then, of course, you can always resort to simply talking to someone about it and reaching out to your close friends or family first. Talking to someone whether through text, video call, or a quick catch up at a cafe is a great way to vent your pent up feelings and emotions. Sometimes you just want people to hear you out and get problems off your chest.

By sharing your problems, people may be able to give advice that is useful to solve the challenges you’re facing based on their personal experiences when you open up to them. Nevertheless, the thought of just having someone reach out to you and lend an ear, believe it or not, can already do wonders to make you feel better.

PS: Remember to ask whoever you’re seeking advice from, whether it’s a friend or family if they’re in the right mind to listen to your problems before you share it with them. Always respect their boundaries!

There are many ways to uplift yourself and these are just a few ways to brighten your day. Bad days happen to everyone but keep in mind, they come and go. It’s all about staying strong and not letting negative emotions get the better of you. In fact, I always tell myself to stay strong at my weakest times because those are the times when you have to be at your strongest and remember that things will always get better in the end. After all, it may be stormy now, but the rain never lasts forever.

Currently pursuing Taylor’s Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance, Kwan Jet is a friendly and adventurous guy who's always up to explore new experiences.

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