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Exploring The Affective And Pedagogical Skills Honed During The Pandemic

This section of the pandemic pedagogy series discusses the mental and emotional considerations in coping with change.

It highlights the need for adaptive beliefs and intentions in lecturers to embrace inevitable change while also drawing much needed attention to the importance of heightened empathy in creating a supportive e-Learning environment.

1. Heightened Empathy in Emergency Online Teaching: A Reflection

By Nirmala Subramaniam

A reflective article by Nirmala on how heightened empathy can be employed by creating a supportive environment and adaptative lesson plans for more effective emergency online teaching and learning. Nirmala is an experienced and respected lecturer and administrator with 25 years in Taylor’s College.

2. Online Engagement and Belief Practices during the COVID-19 Pandemic at Taylor’s College: A Business Teacher’s Experience

By Sujata Devi V.N. Parameswaran Nair

This article is a reflection of online engagement and a personal reflection of a teacher's belief and actual practice of lessons. It highlights the importance of a lecturer’s beliefs and intentions in adapting to cope with challenges.