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Ensuring Continuity of Teaching and Learning Processes: First-hand Accounts

In this section of the Pandemic Pedagogy Series, reflective pieces are presented which narrate the first-hand experiences of lecturers in dealing with change and encapsulates their commitment in ensuring that our students’ learning remain unaffected.

The practical side of adapting teaching methods and the importance of remaining a vigilant and reflective educator are also exemplified. 

1. Navigating an Overnight Shift to Online Teaching without Disruption to Learning Processes

By Logesh Sivapakianathan

Logesh's invaluable sharing captures her first-hand experience in adjusting to pandemic pedagogy and embodies the spirit of adaptability, crucial in this unprecedented time.

Her article shares practical information such as online platforms that would be useful in teaching Mathematics. It also documents the bold steps taken in embracing changes quickly despite experiencing uncertainty in the knowledge of relevant technology.

Hence, the growth mindset concept is captured as the underlying reason for success.

2. Ensuring Continuous Learning during a Pandemic: A Change Management Perspective

By Irene Ong Pooi Fong

Irene's article offers an insightful discourse on how and why adaptation, flexibility and change management are crucial in ensuring consistent and continuous learning even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances.

She is a senior lecturer with over 20 years of experience at Taylor’s and recipient of the Chairman’s Award for Excellence for teaching.