Don't Break These Crucial Online Learning Etiquettes

Things may be slowly returning to ‘normal’ now that we’re in the recovery phase of MCO. But one thing that is definitely here to stay for a while more is none other than online learning. And after several months of getting accustomed to studying online, you may or may not be aware of some ground rules you should adhere to. 

Whether it’s an online lesson or simply having a group meeting with your classmates, here are some basic etiquettes you should know

1. Paying attention


Yes, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Of course, we aren’t going to tell you why you should pay attention to your subjects. But we KNOW some of you may mistake studying at home with having the freedom to do whatever you please. 

And this includes lying lazily on the bed, chomping away, and pretty much just doing everything else EXCEPT paying attention to your online class, that is unless you’re required to switch on the camera. 

And even then, some of you may just be pretending to listen! To prevent you from being distracted, keep everything else ( your gaming consoles) away from your study material and close non-related tabs on your screen. Use headphones or earphones to drown away the noise from your surroundings that may prevent you from focusing.

2. Use a proper space


Speaking of distractions, you could try setting up a quiet space for yourself during an online class. This way, you won’t be easily distracted by conversations and movement around you.

Otherwise, inform your family members or housemates to keep it down whenever you have a class going on. Creating a timetable for everyone at home to view may also help.

That’s not all. If you’re switching on your camera, be sure to keep the space behind you clear, or at least make sure your background is appropriate for viewing. You don’t want an entire class to stare at your dirty laundry or your pile of mess which could also bother others.

3. Giving a response


Remember the times when you were asked to stop talking in class? But now, your teachers and lecturers are probably dying for your responses at each interval. Look at how the tables have turned and understandably so!

Now that lessons are conducted through digital screens, body languages are harder to read. Coupled with connection issues, they may not be able to tell whether or not you’ve heard what was conveyed. 

Hence, it’s essential for you to reaffirm your teachers and lecturers whenever necessary. A simple nod (if your camera is on) or saying ‘noted’ will suffice. Even typing it out on the messaging feature works! Besides, you wouldn’t want someone to ignore you after saying something, would you?

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4. Use the mute button


This may seem a little contradictory to the point above, but yes, you should keep your speakers on mute whenever you’re NOT speaking.

This small but essential gesture ensures that your lecturers and classmates will not be affected by uncontrollable background noises around you such as the sound of a motorbike exhaust or your neighbours arguing.

Other than that, take note of appliances which may interrupt your lessons such as a stand fan that could transmit buzzing noise when you unmute. This can be easily solved by simply moving your speaker away from the source of the noise. You should also silent your mobile phone to eliminate distractions.

5. Dress and look appropriate


One of the luxuries of studying online is definitely the minimal effort required to prepare for class. You get to skip the fuss of picking what to wear and bad traffic out there.

Simply hop out of bed, hit the call button and voila, you’re ready for class. You now even have time for breakfast!

That said, you should still strive to appear decent to your classes as a sign of respect.

This means putting on a proper shirt AND pants or any other decent outfit. You never know when you might need to move in front of the camera…

So, do keep these ground rules in mind the next time you’re up for an online lesson! Remember to be mindful of your actions in front of your camera and speaker so that everyone’s experience, online is smooth and pleasant. And finally... don’t be late!

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