Dating Tips: How to Maintain a Happy Relationship

You may have heard that the golden period to begin a romantic relationship is during your college and university years as this is the time where you’ll meet and interact with all kinds of people. Besides getting to know your other half, being in a relationship is also a way to know yourself better. While starting a relationship may seem easy, maintaining a relationship will require effort from both parties. Here, I would like to share the 3Cs of how I maintain a relationship with my other half for 8 years now since we started out in high school.

#1. Character: Similar vs Complementary


One of the main reasons a relationship can work is because both you and your partner have compatible characters.  The compatibility may mean that either both of you have similar or complementary characteristics. For instance, both of you may be friendly and warm people and hence are agreeable with one another. On the other hand, it’s also possible for you to have opposing characters to your partner, yet both of you complement each other. 

For example, my boyfriend and I started as friends and gradually got to know each other. I’m a bright and loud person while he’s calm and reserved. This is a classic example of a couple with opposing yet complementary characters. That said, it doesn’t matter much whether both of you have a similar or complementary character,  as long as you are comfortable around each other, that’s all that truly matters!

#2. Consensus: Talk It Out


It’s important to have consensus with your other half in a relationship since relationships are built on a foundation of mutual trust, agreement, and understanding. You and your partner may have been raised with different upbringing, with different educational backgrounds, and even different groups of friends. All of these can affect and influence you and your partner’s outlook in life . 

Hence, when different perspectives and opinions arise, it’s always best to discuss, come to a consensus together, and follow that principle in the future I once had a friend who insisted on going dutch for every meal even when with her boyfriend, as she believes in being financially independent and, as a feminist who believes in equality, to also be fair to her partner. When she highlighted this point to her boyfriend, they agreed to go dutch at every meal to respect her decision. That's the consensus that this couple holds on to in their relationship. Similarly, you should always talk it out when disparities arise.

#3. Contribute: Time, Effort, Love


A healthy relationship requires both parties to contribute time, effort, and love — continuously. I believe that couples feel more content and happy when they equally contribute efforts to put a smile on each others’ face. As the saying goes, it’s better to give than to take. This especially applies in a relationship as  by contributing to your partner regardless if it’s running an errand for them or celebrating anniversaries together or even exploring interesting apps together on a boring day, you’ll definitely feel happy and satisfied when you light up their faces. 

If you can’t be with them physically, you can also surprise your partner with their favourite food delivery. Every little thing that you do for each other will make up the lovely memories to reminisce in the future. It’s not about how grand or mundane the gestures are, but rather the thought that counts. 

And voila, here are the 3Cs to maintain your relationship with your significant other. It’s never too late to start applying all these tips! Cheers to love and being loved during this romantic season. For further tips on relationship advice, click here.

One of The Risers’ ambassadors, Jasmine is an assertive, bold and cheerful student currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education (Hons). She enjoys teaching, learning, singing and exploring new stuff.

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