Building Leadership Among Students Beyond The Classroom

Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas held their annual Leadership Camp amidst nature to hone soft skills among students.

It was a fun and fulfilling experience as students of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas were able to hone their soft skills outside the classroom in a special 2-day Leadership Camp held amidst nature at Broga Hill. A total of 104 students from various pre-university programmes participated in Leadership Camp 2016, which was facilitated by a team of 6 teachers, assisted by student facilitators selected from among the participants.

Team Work: Students of Taylor's College Sri Hartamas spent 2 days developing leadership skills and building relationships

Speaking at the opening session, Anandakumaresh Ratnasingam, Campus Director of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, highlighted the opportunities available for leadership development in the camp, which would help students identify their personal values and cultivate their path in later life roles.

“This Leadership Camp is part of Taylor’s College’s efforts to develop selfless leaders. Over the two days, students had the opportunity to get to know each other and build interpersonal relationships. With the activities planned, we are honing soft skills such as communication skills, problem solving skills, logical reasoning skills, and more. For Taylor’s College, leadership is not meant as a goal, but rather, it should be a means to greater accomplishment in one's life - a tool for personal empowerment and a springboard to provide meaningful service to one's community”.

Students enjoy kayaking -an activity that builds team work

“With programmes such as the Leadership Camp and the activities built into it, we don’t want to simply promote a general sense of enthusiasm for the idea of being a leader. What we want to do is help students develop a sense of confidence, so that they can embrace leadership without fear or doubt. We want our students to be the ones who step up and lead others to make a difference when the situation calls for it,” added Anandakumaresh.

Over the two days, the students participated in activities such as leadership workshops, campfire performances, obstacle course, water-based activities such as rowing and also hiked up Broga Hill to catch its famous sunrise.

“This has been a very special weekend for me. Having the opportunity to strengthen relationships with my college-mates in this unique setting and to hone my confidence and soft skills has been an invaluable experience. I am looking forward to more of such enriching programmes during my time here at Taylor’s College,” said Teh Shen Li, one of the participants, who is a first year student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).

Experiencing fun, active learning strategies outside the classroom

Taylor’s College imparts the 3Ls (Learning, Leadership and Life Skills) to all students, and also hones the 5Cs (collaboration, creative thinking and problem solving, communication, creativity and innovation and cultural adaptation) in them, to ensure they are ready to face the competition at the world’s top universities and in the workplace, besides overcoming life challenges.