Building Capacity for the 21st Century Workforce

Taylor’s College CAL Envisioning Careers exposes students to employment possibilities

[From left: Murali Gopalakrishnan, Cambridge A Level Principal, Taylor’s College, Hoe-Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director, Taylor’s College, Dr. Chong Su-Lin, CEO, Prince Court Medical Centre, YM Tengku Nurul Azian, Director, NKRA (Edu), NKEA (Edu) & SRI (HCD), PEMANDU, and Brian Puang, Ehics, Compliance & Governance Manager – Finance Operations, Shell sharing their views and insights on their current industry requirements on fresh graduates.

Unemployed graduates have become a popular topic and a major concern as of late. As many as 161,000 graduates or 8.8% of youths aged between 20 and 24 years are unemployed in Malaysia. Doing its bit to help, Taylor’s College hosted its first Cambridge A-Levels (CAL) Career Day with its theme of Envisioning Careers. The session is aimed to help students see future employment possibilities available to them through education, and featured leading industry professionals as speakers, sharing their excitement about their respective professions.

The Career Day featured talks by esteemed industry experts, enabling students to gather in-depth knowledge on the hard and soft skills employers look for in graduates, learn what it takes to succeed in the future and how to prepare themselves to face changes in the different fields of work. The prominent speakers included Dr Chong Su-Lin, CEO, Prince Court Medical Centre, KL, YM Tengku Nurul Azian, Director, NKRA (Edu), NKEA (Edu) & SRI(HCD), PEMANDU and Brian Puang, Ethics, Compliance & Governance Manager – Finance Operations, Shell.

As the workforce today changes, worker skill sets are expected to keep pace with the developments. It is generally accepted that many graduates are unemployed due to not having the skills required by potential employers, besides having expectations that are incompatible with that of the employers. Starting off with proper guidance is an effective way to gain the right skills. The CAL programme at Taylor’s College helps students start right with diverse learning skills to succeed in life and beyond. The pre-U programme instils a combination of critical skills such as independent learning skills, collaborative learning skills and research skills, otherwise also known as IsCoRe.

In line with the CAL programme objectives, Taylor’s College continues to equip their students with the tools, inspiration and motivation needed to achieve their university and career goals, via activities such as the CAL Career Day. The event offered students the opportunity to gain new insights into career options whilst increasing their understanding of the skills and experiences needed for their desired career.

“This was a great opportunity for our students to meet working professionals from diverse career clusters and hear first-hand the best way to achieve their career goals. Today, the job market for graduates has become even more competitive, less predictable and changes rapidly. Thus, to empower students, CAL Career Day was planned to give students a better understanding of the demands of today’s working world, while striving to achieve a career they are passionate about, through their studies,” said Hoe-Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director, Taylor’s College Subang Jaya.

Each breakout segment saw the speakers introducing their respective careers and sharing information on the qualifications needed for their job, the pathway to their current job, their day-to-day roles and responsibilities, highlights and challenges of their career, and the skills and attitudes required to be successful in their career. The talks were followed by a question and answer session that allowed the students to ask questions relating to the Malaysian job market and their career of choice. The talk covered 5 career clusters - Health Sciences, Science & Technology, Arts & Innovation, Business & Administration, and Social Science.

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