27 July 2020

Back-to-Campus Movement for International Students

Dear Students,



Following the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) announcement of allowing new and current international students to return to Malaysia, MOHE has recently released Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to be adhered by all international students entering Higher Education Institution (HEI) campuses.

The categories of international students who are allowed entry into Malaysia include:

  • Existing students who have a valid visa approval letter (VAL);
  • Existing students with expired student pass from 1 February 2020; and
  • Existing mobility students (mobility programmes for more than 3 months) whose Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) has been approved by the Malaysian Immigration Department. 


Before you decide to travel, please ensure that:

  1. Your country does not have a travel ban for overseas travel. We have made allowances for international students who are unable to return to campus on time so that they continue to attend the classes online, concurrently with their local course mates who are on campus.

  2. Ensure that you download and fill in the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LOU) from the Malaysian Mission (Embassy or Consulate) in your country (or the one nearest to you).

  3. For existing students whose student visa have expired, you must ensure that the Malaysian Mission (Embassy or Consulate) in your country (or the one nearest to you) is open for you to apply Single Entry Visa (SEV). Please check with the Malaysian Embassy in your country on how long the SEV application process will take in your country. Do note that this may be done via email.

  4. Plan ahead and do inform your institution on your intention to travel. 

Prior to Departure:

  1. Submit an entry application through the Travel Authorisation form by creating an account on the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) website at Please ensure that there is ample time (minimum 30 working days excluding the application days needed for SEV - if applicable) to travel as there are multiple layers of processing involved to approve the travel request.

  2. All applications will be made available to respective institution for approval. EMGS will subsequently process your application to ensure that you have met all the requirements.

  3. Your application will subsequently be forwarded to the Malaysian Immigration Department (JIM) to obtain the approval of the Director General of the Malaysian Immigration Department.

  4. Once approved, you will be able to download an approval letter through the EMGS website (Track My Application) as you are required to present it at the entry check point upon arrival in Malaysia.

  5. Download the MySejahtera application on your smartphone and complete all the information in the application.

Upon arrival in Malaysia

  1. You will only be allowed to enter Malaysia via KLIA. Any attempt to enter Malaysia from other entry points will be denied and may risk being deported to your country of origin.

  2. Upon clearance from the Malaysian Immigration Department, students will be escorted to your quarantine location identified by the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA). Upon arriving at the quarantine centre, you are required to undergo a mandatory COVID-19 test that will be conducted by the Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH).

  3. You will also be fitted with a wristband which cannot be removed until you complete the 14 days mandatory quarantine period. Upon completion of the quarantine period, you are required to undergo a COVID-19 Antibody test. The wristband will be removed if you are tested negative.

Please note that all expenses including the cost of COVID-19 detection screening test and quarantine requirements will be borne by students. We will be sharing more information such as the quarantine location and total cost in our subsequent email upon your application.

We will communicate any further updates, as we receive them. In the meantime, please contact the Student Welfare and International Office department at if you should have any queries.


Yours sincerely,


Student Welfare and International Office
Taylor’s College and Taylor’s University 

1. The SOP stated are accurate as of 24 July 2020, in accordance to the guidelines of MOHE, MOH, NADMA and EMGS.
2. However, the SOP will be updated from time to time in accordance to changes in the policy by Malaysian Government. 

The Taylor's Team