After SPM - What Now?

Do you dream of exploring the world, experiencing a different culture, and escaping the never-changing Malaysian weather? Or do you want to graduate from top universities like University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Melbourne, and more?

Studying abroad might be the answer. It became a norm among SPM graduates and is one of the most beneficial experiences a student could ask for. You will be embarking on an exciting new journey while forming long-lasting friendships with people from all around the world.

So, what do you have to do to achieve your dreams of studying abroad or graduating from a top university? 

Where do I start?

Students looking to study abroad will have to complete their pre-university programme locally before applying for universities overseas.

At Taylor’s College, we offer popular programmes including Cambridge A Level (CAL), SACE International (SACEi), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Certified Accounting Technician (CAT), and an assortment of Foundation and Diploma programmes.

Cambridge A Level Or SACE International?

When looking to enrol, find one that suits your needs. Let us first look at these two entry programmes that may seem similar but are quite different.


CAL, based on the United Kingdom education system, is the most popular pre-u choice in Malaysia for students looking to study in top universities in the UK. It is also accepted by other countries including Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.

CAL challenges students to have strong reasoning abilities and critical thinking. It also requires students to have in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the subjects.

Administered by the CAIE examination board, CAL examinations are 100% exam-based assessment conducted in two stages. Students can sit for the AS level in one examination and A2 level in the following session. Each stage contributes 50% towards the final grade.


South Australian Certificate of Education, or SACE International, is an internationally recognised pre-university programme that is equivalent to the Year 12 Australian high school course. Formerly known as South Australian Matriculation, SACE International is also accepted by top universities around the world including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the US.

At Taylor’s College, we help students discover their interest and empower their potential. We want them to develop skills that will help them achieve their study and career goals.

Administered by the SACE Board of South Australia, students are assessed and graded based on 70% coursework and 30% final examination.

Foundation Or Diploma?

If you’ve always known you want to be when you grow up – a doctor, engineer, pharmacist, accountant – foundation or diploma programmes are the beginning to your dream career.

There are certain things that students should take note of. Once enrolled in a specialised foundation or diploma course, it might be difficult to make the switch if you decide to pursue a different major. Most foundation programmes are also school-specific, so it might not be recognised at other Malaysian universities if you decide to switch schools.



You are looking for an overseas transfer option (depending on the selection of degree programme).

Foundation would take a year to complete, and it is an effective way to prepare students for university life. We offer eight different foundation programmes to cater to your educational needs – six are specific Foundation programmes and two are general Foundation programmes in Arts or Science.

If you require the extra time to decide which field of study to pursue, then our Foundation in Arts or Science is a good place as it will lead you to a wide range of pathways for degree level of studies.

For those who know which area of interest to focus in, take your pick from our specific Foundation programmes.

To enrol, you will need a minimum of 5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.


You would like a head start in the workforce.

A diploma programme will take two years to complete. As some students would want to begin their career after diploma, the syllabi are crafted to prepare them for the workforce after graduation.

To enrol, you will need a minimum of 3 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.

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What do I need to know before applying?



For most pre-university programmes offered at Taylor’s College, there are entry requirements for application - an overall credit pass (C and above) is needed in at least 5 subjects at SPM, GCE O Level, IGCSE, or other equivalent qualifications.



Entry Requirement



Pass Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) or equivalent.

Click here for the complete list of entry requirements.

3 years


Minimum 5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent


Minimum 5 Grade B credits including Mathematics and English at UEC level

1.5 years

Cambridge A Level

Minimum 5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent

1.5 years

SACE International

Minimum 5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent

1 – 1.5 years


Minimum 3 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.

2 years


5 credits (C and above) at SPM level or equivalent.

1 year



Studying abroad can be quite costly. When calculating how much your education would cost you, here are some things that you might want to keep in mind: pre-university programme fees, university application fees, visa application fees, living costs, rent, and tuition fees.

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