Acing College With Peer Support Groups

The process of entering college can be exciting yet challenging for post-secondary students. It poses a whole new environment for you to adapt to and new people to be acquainted with – which can be pretty daunting. Let’s also not forget having to rush for assignments, the pressure to perform well, and the ever-dreaded need to maintain a decent CGPA.

Therefore, it’s important for every newly-enrolled student to have a healthy and positive avenue where they can better accommodate themselves to college life. This is where support groups like The Risers come in. This community serves as a place where secondary school students can just be themselves, meet new friends, and forge lasting friendships to help make their transition into college life more enjoyable! In other words, The Risers is here to help you rise up and prepare to make the most of campus life!

Here are some ways peer support from The Risers can benefit you as a secondary school student preparing for college:

#1. Create a positive environment

Having a group of peers who are facing the same challenges to fit in means that you can relate to one another better. College is often the place where a student starts to discover themselves better, including their interests, talents, etc. Having a community that is truly supportive of you during your journey of discovery will create a sense of belonging where you can just let your hair down and be yourself without being judged.

Peer support empowers you to be more confident of yourself as you navigate the initial unfamiliarities of college life. This helps you build a strong self-esteem which is an important trait for you in your later years.

College can be pretty stressful and competitive, therefore being in a positive and uplifting environment can work wonders in making your campus life that much more gratifying.

#2. Learn from one another

For many students, entering college often means being away from your parents and the comfort of your own home. In fact, some students might even leave their hometown to enroll in the college they have chosen. This means that you’ll need to start learning to be more independent than when you were in secondary school.

A community like The Risers is the perfect place to learn from one another to the fullest, be it life skills or talents. Everyone has something that they can share with fellow students. However, there are times when we might be wary of showcasing our talents or asking someone to teach you something you are interested in because we might be worried about how others may judge us. Therefore, being in an environment where people are supportive will break down these walls and give you the confidence to shine and to share what you know with others.

Not only will you be able to share your talents and knowledge with others, you’ll also learn from and encourage one another along the way. Whether it is picking up a new musical instrument, learning how to cook, or solving an algebra problem, there is something that everyone can contribute and also receive. This may also lead to lifelong friendships as well, which is always a plus point.

#3. A positive platform to prepare for college

Stepping into college often means being away from loved ones and needing to adapt to a new environment, which can be pretty stressful especially if they are not used to being away from home. The Risers serves as a positive platform for students to understand the challenges that they will face when they enter college, enabling them to be more prepared for what may lie ahead.

Being well-prepared mentally will lead you to feel more uplifted and confident, ready to embrace the challenges that you are bound to encounter while you maneuver through your campus life.

#4. Improve social skills

For some of us who are not extroverted, getting to know new people or opening up to someone isn’t easy, especially when you’ve just stepped into an unfamiliar place such as college. However, keeping everything to ourselves is detrimental because it might cause us to eventually implode, possibly leading to mood swings, excessive stress, and depression.

Peer support groups provide a safe and comfortable haven for you to open up and interact with new friends. You’ll be able to meet other students from various courses and backgrounds, giving you the opportunity to expand your network and make new acquaintances, which you might not be able to do otherwise.

Let's Rise Together!

Acknowledging the importance of peer support towards a student’s development in all aspects, The Risers is a community that is dedicated to embrace and empower new students so that campus life will be that less intimidating.

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