Accounting Taken to an International Level

MICPA awards sole tuition provider status to Taylor’s College in an exclusive agreement for the MICPA-CAANZ Programme

From left: Mrs Hoe-Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director of Taylor’s College Subang Jaya campus; Mr Craig Sherrin, President of Taylor’s College; Dato’ Abdul Rauf Rashid, President of MICPA; Datin Hajjah Fadzilah Saad, Council Member of MICPA

Budding Certified Public Accountants can now head towards their dream career with Taylor’s College, following the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the College and The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). The MoA was signed between Mr Craig Sherrin, President of Taylor’s College and Dato’ Abdul Rauf Rashid, President of MICPA. Witnessing the signing ceremony were Mrs Hoe-Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director of Taylor’s College Subang Jaya campus, and Datin Hajjah Fadzilah Saad, Council Member of MICPA.

This agreement grants Taylor’s College the ‘sole tuition provider’ status for the MICPA-CAANZ Programme for three years. Through the Programme, students can undertake a full-fledged international accountancy course that has modules offered by both MICPA and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Upon completion of the Programme, graduates will obtain two professional qualifications, that is Certified Public Accountant (Malaysia) and Chartered Accountant (Australia and New Zealand).

From left: Mrs Hoe-Khoo Li Lin, Academic Director of Taylor’s College Subang Jaya campus; Mr Craig Sherrin, President of Taylor’s College; Dato’ Abdul Rauf Rashid, President of MICPA; Mr. Foo Yoke Pin, Executive Director, MICPA

“It is an honour to partner MICPA in nurturing future accounting professionals and strengthening the accountancy profession in Malaysia. Nevertheless, this new programme is just the beginning for Taylor’s College’s new direction. Parents and prospective students can look forward to the rollout of other timely programmes as we go along,” said Sherrin.

Dato’ Abdul Rauf Rashid, the President of MICPA revealed that Taylor’s College was offered this opportunity in an exclusive agreement. “In a time when accountancy is seen to be a key discipline within businesses that hold together technical excellence, integrity and ethics, ensuring we maintain the highest educational standards is crucial and necessary to strengthen the profession in Malaysia. We believe Taylor’s College has what it takes to support MICPA’s aims in educating future accountants,” said Dato’ Rauf.

Dato’ Rauf, a Council Member of MICPA since 2011 and currently the Country Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Malaysia who has been in professional practice for over 20 years, said accounting graduates are required to complete professional programmes in order to meet the expectations of executive to management level. “The MICPA-CAANZ Programme offers graduates the benefits of acquiring knowledge and skills that can be applied at an enterprise level. Employers constantly look for skills not restricted to accounting, but also soft skills, leadership and communication skills in the business setting,” added Dato’ Rauf.

Understanding the competitiveness in the industry, Sherrin said graduates who also possess strategic thinking, leadership qualities and who are technology savvy have a cutting edge over the rest. “In today’s business setting, graduates who are able to apply critical thinking into issues such as crisis management and business growth exhibit a certain type of competency that is wanted by employers out there. At Taylor’s College, we aim to equip students with an integrated learning approach through the MICPA-CAANZ Programme that will prepare them for the world of professional accountants,” Sherrin added.

The programme is scheduled to kick off at Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas in early 2017. Five modules are offered in the MICPA-CAANZ Programme – Audit and Assurance, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Management Accounting and Applied Finance, Taxation & Capstone. The Taxation module is adapted to suit Malaysian taxation regulations considering the relevance for careers in Malaysia. Students in the MICPA-CAANZ Programme are allowed to sit for one module per term, and with 3 terms offered each year, it is possible to complete the entire Programme in under 2 years. Students are given up to a maximum of eight years to complete the 5 modules. This flexibility is aimed at prospective students who may already be working and prefer to complete the Programme at their own pace. Students enrolled in the course at Taylor’s College pay the same fees as other students who are enrolled elsewhere.

“For many decades, Taylor’s College has been renowned for its excellence in international pre-university education. We have always strived to expand our reputation and educational portfolio to meet the demands of the changing business environment. With an exciting landscape for professional level courses, we aim to produce world-class accountants through the MICPA-CAANZ partnership while improving the quality of the nation’s accounting standards,” said Sherrin.

For further details on the MICPA-CAANZ Programme, please visit the MICPA website, drop us a line here to find out more about Taylor’s College.