Accountants In Digital Age

Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran (red tie), Taylor’s College campus director Josephine Tan (in skirt), Taylor’s School of Professional Studies head Jason Lo (blue outfit) and Taylorians at the recent launch of the Taylor’s College CAT and ACCA programmes.

Technology and digital adoption is changing the business landscape, creating opportunities for early adopters including accounting and finance professionals.

This has an impact on how businesses – specifically accounting and finance professionals – work and function as they need to prepare themselves to face this new dawn.

It is critical that they observe these trends, understand what changes affect them and figure out the role they can play in this new economy.

Furthermore, in today’s environment of diversified expertise and skills, employers look towards human-centred soft skills and characteristics when evaluating potential employees.

These expectations mean that increased pressure is placed on graduates of today to be versatile and adaptable to the fast-paced environment around them.

In view of this, Taylor’s College has adopted a progressive way of learning and integrating skills that are in line with Industrial Revolution 4.0 in its curriculum which is essential to 21st century employability.


Equipping Next Gen

With the recent launch of its Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) programmes, Taylor’s College aims to provide a comprehensive education for its students by focusing more on interdisciplinary teaching, research and innovation.

Through its ACCA and CAT programmes, Taylor’s College will provide students with the opportunity to be trained not just by the textbook but to also equip them with critical thinking skills which include emotional intelligence and people management to name a few.

Appealing to today’s generation of students who desire an integrated learning environment, Taylor’s College offers a conducive and state-of-the-art picturesque lakeside campus in Selangor where students are provided with well-equipped facilities, classes and a library.

At the same time, the college offers a notable blend of social and local and international, culture and sporting activities for an immersive campus experience.

Taylor’s College has prepared exclusive experiences and student support services to ensure students’ transition into college and their education journey with Taylor’s College remain seamless.

Also, Taylor’s College has a wide and vibrant list of clubs, societies, facilities and amenities to ensure students get the most out of their student lives. Focus on employability

Taylor’s College campus director Josephine Tan said it is imperative that education institutions play a part to equip learners with a quality education, including professional qualifications, and extensive skills that are in line with IR 4.0 so that they are well able to meet the requirements of employers in today’s corporate environment.

“In the Malaysia Salary Guide 2019 by Kelly Services which was published recently, it was highlighted that a key challenge for employers will be hiring local talents who possess the right skills for the job.

“Because of this, and coupled with the advent of the IR 4.0, higher learning institutions like Taylor’s College need to equip students with human-centred characteristics like critical thinking, emotional intelligence, negotiation, resilience, among others.

“By putting more emphasis on human-centred characteristics, students will be able to better adapt to technological changes upon entry into the workforce.

“At Taylor’s College, we pride ourselves in ensuring our students are able to excel academically and achieve the results they desire. We are committed to giving the next generation the best approach to education, and for the rest of their lives.

“We place great emphasis on the well-being of our students and look to provide the best experience they can get while completing their professional programme,” she said.

In its 50th year, and as one of the oldest, most successful and reputable private education institutions in Malaysia, Taylor’s aims to break barriers and see the next five decades of its growth through the development and implementation of innovative teaching and learning pedagogy that is relevant to today’s learners to ensure students are able to enjoy the best education experience that is in line with their needs.

Looking ahead, Taylor’s will continue with its commitment to growing globally by creating a diverse and inclusive community – through the empowerment of its students with a global mindset as well as its growth agenda in its global footprint. 

For more information about discovering your full potential with Taylor’s, plan a visit to Taylor’s Lakeside Campus in Selangor (10am-5pm) on June 29-30 or July 6-7 2019.


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