ACCA vs Accounting Degree

If you have a passion for numbers and want to venture into the world of accounting and finance, you’ve probably concluded that you will need to pursue either ACCA or an Accounting Degree (or both!). But which should you choose?


Before we start, let’s look at the main difference between ACCA and an Accounting Degree.


  • A professional accounting qualification
  • Recognised globally with a large network of students, members and employers in 179 countries
  • Study subjects focus on the technical aspects and principles of accounting required to become a professional accountant

Accounting Degree

  • An academic degree issued by the University
  • Most degrees are recognised in Malaysia, but may not have global recognition
  • Provides a holistic experience that covers an array of subjects, not only in accounting but relevant fields


It is the global body for professional accountants that offers a Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. 

Acquiring the ACCA qualification gives you access to a large network of students, members and employers in 179 countries.

If you wish to join the workforce as soon as you can, then ACCA is the right pathway for you; it provides assurance to employers that you have the necessary skills and knowledge in the accounting & finance field.

The ACCA qualification focuses on the technical aspects of accounting including advanced accounting techniques. ACCA is widely known to be more challenging as it combines the difficulty levels of a Bachelor’s Degree and  Master’s Degree into one qualification.

Choose ACCA if:
You have set your goals to become a professional accountant, then ACCA is the best choice for you.


Unlike ACCA, an accounting degree offers a well-rounded experience that covers a broader range of subjects relevant to the field of accounting and finance.

The syllabus consists of core and elective subjects that you can mix and match depending on your interest.

Having a bachelor’s degree in your CV can significantly increase your hireability, as they are well regarded in the job market.

Choose Accounting Degree if:
You’re uncertain whether you’d want to pursue a career as a professional accountant, then enrolling for a degree in accounting is a good option to choose from.

Ultimately, the choice depends on your end goal – to specialise in professional accounting or choose a different (but relevant) career within the same field.


There are several routes you can choose from in order to obtain the professional accounting qualification. Among them, the CAT-ACCA route is the fastest. 

Learn how you can be on the best track to obtain the Professional Accountant qualification at Taylor’s College.


ACCA Accelerate

This special programme is open to Year 2 & Year 3 of BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance degree students and will help students to complete all the required examinations before graduating. Through this programme, students can get discounts on special exemption fees, registration fees, and subscription fees.

Not only that, being on the fast track to acquire qualification means that students can combine their university studies with the ACCA qualification to build an exemplary CV; which can increase the chances of getting exclusive job offers from top firms.

Student Exemptions

At Taylor’s College, students can reduce the number of exams required in ACCA based on their qualifications. This is to ensure that students will start their studies at the right level based on their current knowledge and skills. Students can also request for exemptions based on practical experience if they wish to undertake the CAT qualification.

Find out if you’re eligible for any exemptions with this handy calculator.

Lecture Capture: ReWIND

Students can benefit from this system that allows lectures to be recorded automatically (with audio, visual, presentation slides, and other module related content). Developed to assist lecturers in maximising their teaching efficiency, these clips are available to students online.

Through ReWIND, students can optimise their study time as they can fast-forward, rewind, or skip to segments in the recorded lectures; enabling them to learn in a self-directed and personalised manner, anytime, anywhere.

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