A Mother’s Day Message to Mum

It’s Mother’s Day! Here’s a simple Mother’s Day letter written by our student writer, Sonia, to her mum and, of course, to all mums everywhere!

Mummy, Ma, Mum, Mother — these words describe the same person that many of us love and adore, and, yes, although the second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day and is when we celebrate our mums, we should actually show appreciation to our mothers every day. 

Every time a baby is born, a mother is also born. However, the part that we rarely pay attention to is how much change will happen the minute you become a mother… and will never stop changing. This is when you start raising your child, watching them grow day by day, wondering if they’ll have a family of their own, hoping that they’ll have a bright future, and that they’ll be happy and content with their life. A mother’s love for her child is incalculable because the moment a baby is formed in the womb, the love of the child for her mother and the love of the mother for her child had begun. So here’s a Mother’s Day letter to all mothers out there!  

To dearest Mummy/Ma/Mother/Mum, 

Essays for assignments have been written so often to lecturers that a simple one to you was barely written. So here’s a Mother’s Day message to you. Although it may be short, every word carries my gratitude for you being the dearest mother to me. Happy reading to all mothers and motherly figures out there! 

P.S., I’m not sure if it’s a teary letter, but I hope to see your beautiful smile at the end of this Mother’s Day letter.

The day we met was a beautiful moment for us. However, as a baby who didn’t know anything, I only kept crying. Maybe it was a way to thank you for sacrificing your youth; because of that, I was unable to see the happiness on your face.

Thank you for teaching me the rights and wrongs. They may seem harsh sometimes, but I realise they were for my sake. The guidance and encouragement enabled me to take further steps throughout the phases of growing up which brought me to amazing places.

Thank you for all the hours and nights spent helping me with my homework, even though you were probably tired from the hardships of life. Thank you for the soul-comforting food you always put on the table. Thank you for being there for me through different phases of life. From my first cry to my first step into society, you were always there right beside me, and even up till now. However, we both grew older together without realising the time we have left to spend together was getting shorter and shorter.

As years passed, from a flower, you gradually turned into a tree for the flowers. With you, the storms would always show up as rainbows. The nagging and nitpicking, from when the sun rises until the moon comes out, was never-ending, even when we’re apart. The reason behind your nosiness, I’ve come to understand. In fact, there’s no reason at all. All along, it was just a mother’s instinct to be nosy. The nosiness came disguised as words of wisdom, which eventually became a shield for me. I’ve come to realise now that many times, you were merely trying to protect me in ways I couldn’t see. The unseen actions throughout the obstacles warmed me and matured me as well. I should’ve known, the ways a mother loves, though incomprehensible at times, knows no bounds.

However, above all this, the hardest part is constantly living with the fact that I’ll have to see you leave someday. Realising we’d have to stop seeing each other, I’m scared of the future without you. The visible wrinkles, how badly I want to erase them. And time, how badly I want it to slow down. The simplest thing to hope for is being able to be back home knowing I’ll always be able to eat your food. In fact, just being able to be in your presence is wonderful enough. And I’ll cherish these moments for as long as I can.

No one said that becoming a mother was easy. However, the love of a mother for her child should never be misjudged. There are many things to be doubtful in this world, but there’s one thing to never be doubtful of: that’s your love for me. It’s an honour to have you as my mother. Thank you for being my mother.  

Have you told your mum you love her yet? Don’t be shy about your love for your mum! Go and tell her how much you love her — after all, that’s the Mother’s Day gift that matters most. To all mothers and motherly figures, thank you for being a mother to us. Happy Mother’s Day!

Sonia Rachel Michael is currently pursuing a Bachelor of  Social Science (Honours) in International Relations at Taylor’s University. She is also a committee member of Taylor’s University Student Council.